Sunday, September 20, 2015

Procedure to Access to the Travel History of Iqama Holder in Saudi Arabia

Do you remember how many times you have visited your home country or any other country since the time you have arrived to Saudi Arabia? Even if you remember the number of times you travelled, I bet you hardly know about the dates when you travelled to those countries or came back from there. Now, it is very easy to access to the travel history using MOI service. In the below link, we shall be explaining step by step procedure to access to your travel history using MOI web portal.

Procedure to Access to the Travel History of Iqama Holder in Saudi Arabia
As mentioned earlier, you can access to the travail history of Iqama holders only if you have an account with MOI website. If you don’t have this account, you should proceed to registration using the guidance provided in this link “Register for MOI (Abshir) Services
If you already have registered yourself with MOI services, you need to login to your account. The procedure to login to MOI account has been changed a little bit. You can check this link for the updated procedure “Procedure to Login to MOI Account

Once you have logged into your MOI Account, you need to move your cursor to the tab of “eServices”, a drop down list will appear where you will have to move your cursor to “Passport” and after that click on the “Travel Records Information” from the additional options provided to you. It is also shown in the below screenshot for the reference.

As soon as you click on the “Travel Records Information”, a new page will open containing details of all travelling from and to Saudi Arabia. This information consists of Travelling Date, Exit From (Departing Airport Name), Exit To (Travelled Country Name), Exit Carrier (Travelling Flight Number), Check in Date, Arrival At (Airport Name), Arrival From (Country Name), Entry Carrier (Flight Number)

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