Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Procedure to Book an Appointment for Birth Certificate

If your child is born in Saudi Arabia, the first step you need to take to officially register him/her under your iqama is to get his birth certificate. Birth notification is initially issued by the hospital but it is not an official document. In order to register him under your iqama, you will have to get a birth certificate from Ahwal-e-Madni. We have explained the detailed procedure to register your child under your iqama in this article “Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia”. In this post, we shall be explaining the Procedure to Book an Appointment with Ahwal-e-Madni

Procedure to Book an Appointment with Ahwal-e-Madni
Open following link from your computer and enter your I*qama number, date of birth and image code. Date of birth should be the same date as mentioned in your Iqama. Since iqama contains the date of birth in Gregorian calendar, it is better to select Gregorian calendar in the below link as I have selected in the below screenshot. Once the details are entered, you need to click on the button “Verify my Details”.

Next page will be showing details of what you can do in this portal; you just need to click on “Proceed to Service”. A new screen will appear containing details of all your previously booked appointments with Ahwal e Madni. In case you have not booked any appointment and want to book it now, click on the button “Book New Appointment”. Now there will be different options to book an appointment for. You need to select “Writing a birthday date downand select your region. In my case, I have selected the region of Makkah. From the next page, you will have to select the city you want to visit to make birth certificate of your child.

A new screen will be opened from where you will have to select the appointment. According to my personal experience, they keep only 3 days open at a time to get appointments. If you want to get an appointment for a later date, you will have to come again to apply. A new screen will open containing the details of documents you need to bring to the Ahwal e Madni office. Make sure you have all these documents when you visit there.

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