Friday, September 11, 2015

Procedure to register to GOSI Online Portal

In a previous post, we have explained in detail the benefits you are entitled to by subscribing to General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).  Each and every employee working in Saudi Arabia is registered with GOSI. Your employer has the responsibility to pay your contribution if you are an expatriate. I think each and every employee working in Saudi Arabia must know about the benefits and also tell his family members about them. In case of death or permanent disability related to occupational hazards, GOSI pays SR 330,000/- as cash compensation. You or your family cannot take it if you don’t let them know about it. In order to get this benefit, it is very important to register yourself with GOSI through their online portal and get a print out of GOSI certificate. I have explained the procedure to register with GOSI Online Portal below.

Open website of GOSI and register yourself as GOSI Contributor. If you don’t know about the website, you can open it through this link

You will have to enter your Contributor ID number of GOSI. If you don’t know this number, you can contract HR of your company to get this number. If they are not helping you out, you can call at the toll free number of GOSI at 8001243344 and get this number on phone call by telling them about your Iqama number. You will also have to enter your Iqama number, email address and phone number and click on “OK”. You will be immediately registered with the GOSI and receive an SMS from them.

The SMS you have received contains the password of your GOSI account. Now you can login to your account by entering your Iqama number and password given in the SMS.

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