Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ranya Al-Huthaili, a Saudi woman who robbed 5 Banks in USA

A woman was arrested for robbing five banks in America. The American jury has denied giving bail to the lady who holds both Saudi and American passport. She is being held in prison against the said charges since 10 sept. This was reported by Al Hayat Arabic daily. The judge claimed that there were high chances and risks that she would try to fly away before the trial of the case. Judge Steven Rau who is the magistrate said Ranya, the defendant, acknowledged during the investigation of the robbing bank. The woman, who was identified as Ranya Al-Huthaili, was arrested on 10 September from Roseville city from one of Roseville malls.

One of the newspapers in Minnesota State, named Star Tribune, also published the story that the Roseville resident was charged of robbing five banks on Friday.  As stated by the daily newspaper, Ranya said that she heard voices in her head and she was thinking of hurting herself and she was highly ashamed of what she did but she did it in the name of love. Judge Rau agreed with the prosecution that Ranya had risk of fleeing away if given bail. Ranya looted the bank in a perfect manner by handing over a note to the teller that read “I have a gun so don’t make noise and hand over the money in one minute to me”.  Rau also stated that someone who was closely connected to Ranya had called her mother and asked her if she had any idea about Ranya coming to Saudia Arabia any time soon. Newspapers in Wisconsin and Minnesota states published a still of her.

She had donned black sunglasses and a head cover while robbing the banks. The pictures were taken from the surveillance cameras in the bank. Rau released his decision on Ranya last Thursday. The FBI believes that she robbed five banks identified as Klein Bank in Cologne, Minnesota State which was robbed on 15th August, TCF Bank in on 1st September which is in Forest Lake, First State Bank and Trust in Hudson in Wisconsin State on 5th September.

It is also believed by the FBI that she robbed closest State Bank of Wyoming in Sticy city in Minnesota on 23rd August. The very next day after committing the crime, she celebrated her birthday which was her 23rd. Last Monday she robbed Dairy State Bank in Menomonie in Wisconsin State. In 2008, Ranya completed her high school education in Roseville High School. On Friday, Associated Press mentioned that federal agents said she bought a laptop from her last robbed money from the bank. She bought her laptop from the same Roseville mall. Ranya is being in custody in Ramsey County jail, which is a federal penal institution

Ranya took only four weeks to rob all five banks which is surely not a small act. Her lawyer stated her act as an act of “na├»ve kid” as she is only 23. Her lawyer also added that she did this because she had been taught to be submissive all her life and wanted to break free.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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