Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saudi Arabia is the top funder in the War against Terrorism

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has once again maintained their position at the top of the global list of financial supporter of the UNCCT also known as United Nations Center for Counter Terrorism. The Kingdom retained their position on top of this list with a donation of $ 11 million to the trust fund in 2015. Just one year earlier, in 2014, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave a donation of $ 100 million to aid the UNCCT which had been established nearly three years earlier. After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country with the second most amount of financial support given to the UNCCT is the United States of America with a donation of $ 4.9 million.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has clearly outlined their policy on terrorism nearly one decade ago, which has been essentially aimed at fighting those groups which have put in to danger the sovereignty and safety of any country. This had been initially the vision of the Late King Abdullah, who had suggested or brought up the idea of an anti terror body back in the year 2005. The organization has since welcomed any and all support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stating that it would add to the fight on regional, national and international fronts. The consultative council for the UNCCT would work on defining a new action plan as well as strategy so as to ensure a distinctive battle against the operators of these militant outfits.

Other groups or countries which have joined hands with the UNCCT include Norway with a donation of $ 2.4 million, Spain with a donation of $ 2.04 million, the European Union with a donation of $ 1.9 million, Sweden with a donation of $ 689,500, Denmark with a donation of $ 684,000, Netherlands with a donation of $ 61,700, Germany with a donation of $ 425,000 and finally Switzerland with a donation of $315,700.

The UNCCT operates under the secretary general of the United Nations as well as under the umbrella of the Political Affairs Department has contributed in the implementation of a Strategy for Global Counter Terrorism. The UNCCT has to date initiated a total of 31 counter terrorism projects all over the world. The UNCCT is also involved in conducting regular consultation services with various United Nations groups which have been working to identify the valuable projects and then monitoring its implementation.

The UNCCT have benefited from the advice of the 22 members in their advisory board, which is chaired by Abdullah Yahya A. Al Mouallimi, the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia in the United Nations. The executive director for the center is Jeffrey Feltman, the under secretary general for political affairs. Through various collaboration projects with several of the working groups, the UNCCT has served a critical role in the building capacity of the centers member states in order to strengthen them in their capabilities of counter – terrorism activities

Source: Arab News

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