Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Saudi Family brutally beaten at Turkish Airport by the Authorities

The Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul has immediately swung into action after reports of a Saudi family consisting of the mother and her teenage son, were attacked by the security at Istanbul airport. The head of the family, who is known only by his initial E.M., has been contacted by the consulate to lodge a formal complaint at the embassy so that the necessary actions can take place. The man stated that he had arrived in Istanbul for vacations and was getting their passport verified when he noticed that his family was not where he had left him, and instead another Saudi woman was sitting with his daughters.

E.M. added that the airport security attacked his wife when she was unintentionally standing in an area which had been reserved for the handicapped. The Turkish security officer pushed his wife as well as his 14 year old son while other officer hurled insults at them. He added that when his wife tried to defend her boys, another group of security guards came which totaled now to 7 and proceeded to kick the children as well as the wife, as well as choke the eldest son to the point that he was about to black out. The officers then proceeded to handcuff his children and his wife and then separated them and took them to the police station.

E.M. also stated that he was put under immense pressure by the Turkish authorities as to not file a complaint about the incident. He added that his wife and children were only released after the Saudi Embassy intervened in the matter and that too happened after one and a half day of humiliation and detention. The manager of the Saudia Airlines at Istanbul airport tried several times to get allowance for the man to meet his family however he was not allowed to meet them at all. A while later the family was released, however they had been released in the foreigner deportation section, like they were some sort of criminals or absconders and not the tourists that they actually were.

E.M. only got to know about how his family was insulted and beaten, once he got to meet them after almost 36 hours in detention. Turki Taha, an adviser to the Turkish premier has straight out denied that the family was not beaten or man handled in any way. On his official account on the social media platform Twitter, Taha claimed that he had met the officials at the airport and was subsequently shown a video of what had happened at the airport on that day.

He then added that when the family of E.M. approached the officer for passport verification and immigration, they were told that the line had been reserved for the handicapped, however they insisted that their passports be checked at this counter only and ignored all requests from the officer to head to the next counter. The Saudi Embassy is not taking this lightly and is following up on the case.

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