Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saudi Man Divorces his wife for staying up late

Essentially marriage is a harmony between two people, today it has become more of an arrangement in most cases. Common sense teaches us that we must protect and cherish our partners at all times; we must learn to live with their faults, as they are living with ours. Keeping common sense aside, religious teachings in Islam are extremely clear cut on the duties that a husband and wife have towards one another, and how they should treat one another. Essentially Islam teaches us about everything, but that is a debate for a later date.

Today what has caught my attention is a story about one such married couple who supposedly had their faults, but what one of them does, truly leaves me astonished. When the father of the bride gives her away to the groom, the entire responsibility of the bride comes on to the shoulder of the husband, if somebody disagrees or thinks that the groom does not have the responsibility of their bride on their shoulder, then it is better to stay a spinster, no offence. Well the story is that a Saudi man and his newly we wife had travelled to the United States and had been staying there when the husband received student scholarship to study in the United States. However within two months of them moving to the United States of America, the husband decides he has had enough and divorces his wife, and kicks her out of the house. Remind you that they are no longer in their home town but in a foreign land. What happened afterwards I will tell you further on.

Firstly we wonder why a husband would want to divorce his wife and kick her out of the house that too after just 2 months in. What was that unforgivable deed that she did that caused her to be abandoned by that person who had vowed to stay by her side for the rest of her life. Let me tell you what the reason was, the husband apparently had had enough of the fact that the wife had odd sleeping hours and would stay awake late at night while she slept right up till noon. Well by the sounds of it, that’s everybody I know, that’s not strange or unforgivable is it?

Well continuing once the man had had enough he kicked the wife out, who by the way spoke not a hint of English and only knew Arabic, according to reports, the helpless woman spent the next 24 hours helplessly wandering the streets where she could communicate to no one. Luckily enough she discovered their neighbor was also Arab and asked if she could use his telephone.

The distressed woman then called up her father in the Kingdom and told him the entire ordeal. The father desperately tried to then calm the husband down however he was adamant on getting a divorce To the husband, whoever you may be, your wife was your responsibility, especially in a foreign country, there is nothing shameful than giving up your responsibilities at the first sign of trouble.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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