Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Saudi Woman gave birth on Mumbai Airport, India

Many wonderful things happen at the airports. For me there is always a sense of wonder, of adventure when I am at the airport. Where will I go next? When will I come back? I guess everyone has their own emotion connected to airports or stations but for one new born baby and his mother, airports will hold a very special place as the best and probably the scariest day of their lives. A Saudi lady who was travelling with her brother, sister and mother from Hyderabad (India) to Riyadh, went in to labor unexpectedly in the toilet of the newly opened Mumbai International Airport Limited terminal 2. The incident took place when the new mother, identified as Alhagbani Haya Saud (20 y.o) was waiting in transit at the newly opened T2 terminal to board an Air India flight back to Riyadh when the lady went to use the rest room.

She went in to labor while using the facilities. Fortunately for her a housekeeping worker, identified as Shweta Satpal happened to be nearby and heard the young ladies cry for help. Shweta immediately informed her airport manager who in turn called the doctors posted at the Mumbai International Airport Limited. A male and a female doctor rushed to the scene and found the young, soon to be mother squatting on the toilet, about to have a baby. The doctors helped her off the toilet and delivered the baby in a makeshift area inside the toilet itself. The baby boy was delivered 15 minutes after the arrival of the doctors at approximately 1:58 pm local time.

Had the doctors not arrived on time to help the young lady, the new born might have fallen in to the WC. The new born baby boy was then wrapped in to a sterile cloth and both the mother and the baby where transferred to Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri via ambulance. Both the mother and the baby are fine and in good health.

Although it is unusual for an airline to accept pregnant women on flight after 28 week, it is considered safe to fly up to 36 weeks if the pregnancy has been uncomplicated and the mother and baby are healthy. We can all b thankful to God that a major crisis was averted and an innocent life was saved thanks to the efforts of the doctors posted at the Mumbai International Airport Limited.

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