Friday, September 11, 2015

Saudis are banned from Adopting Syrian Orphans

The Social Affairs Ministry has issued a new ruling in which they have banned any of the Saudi families from adopting any children of Syrian origin or any other foreign origin. The director of the social supervision at the Social Affairs Ministry in the Eastern Province, Latifah Al Tamimi has stated that the Social Affairs Ministry does not allow the sponsorship of Arab children who have lost their parents in foreign conflicts, such as those in Iraq and Syria there are several humanitarian organizations all over the world that are busy in dealing with such cases.

Latifah Al Tamimi has stated that the Social Affairs Ministry does in fact support the children which are out of marriage of a foreign woman to a Saudi man, and the Ministry also provides them with the same rights as any other citizen. In accordance with the subject matter, Saudi families have adopted around 560 orphans who were Saudis. These Saudi orphans are given passports, personal documents and also birth certificates of the Kingdom. The Social Affairs Ministry is also involved in providing each of the adoptive families with SAR 3,000 on a monthly basis, where as the orphan children are also entitled to completely free medical care at all private hospitals and are also given a bank account.

However those orphan children, who have been adopted by Saudi families, must keep their original family names forever and they also are to be informed about their adoption by their adoptive families when they are of the proper age. Latifah Al Tamimi has stated that the Social Affairs Ministry has not yet discovered abuse of the system of adoption.

These adopted orphans are also allowed to live an independent life as soon as they turn 18 years old. The Social Affairs Ministry is also supporting all those orphans who wish to get married, and provide them with a subsidy of around SAR 60,000 per person. Former Islamic Science Professor at the Um Al Qura University, Abdullah Makki has stated the religion of Islam has always encouraged all Muslims to embrace all orphans with open arms so that they may also grow up in a family environment.

While we are happy for the Saudi orphans who are given such facilities, we cannot help but cry out for the poor Syrian orphans who cannot be adopted by Saudi families. Indeed in times of crisis and war, all Muslim nations should become one, and help out not only the Muslim Nations but also the Muslim brothers and sisters who are in dire need of all the help they can get. Why the Ministry has made this decision is unclear and I am certain some thought must have been given on allowing adoption for a certain number of Syrian Orphans, however since Saudi Arabia is already heavily involved in relief efforts in Yemen, Syria and other affected areas in the world. The Ministry might have concluded that they must help the orphans of their own country before helping foreign orphans.

Source: Arab News

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