Thursday, September 10, 2015

Saudis are involved in 90% of traffic violations

Driving in Saudi Arabia can be a totally horrifying experience. The conduct of the Saudi drivers while driving on the roads here is a nightmare. Most of the Saudi drivers are very impatient, that is the reason 90% drivers caught by the Saher networks are Saudis.  Saher is the advanced technology to make certain the detection of traffic rules infringement and also finding out the registration number of the vehicle and capturing the face and the picture of the driver. Traffic Department officer Ajil said that the information related to tickets issued by saher shows that only 10 % non-Saudis are responsible for traffic violation and fined by the Saher system.

Usually they are abided by the traffic laws. If any violations committed by them that would be a minor one like driving in the wrong direction or park their vehicle in no-parking places. They pay their fines without delay.  On the other hand ninety percent drivers who have caught by saher net are Saudis. Saudi youths , especially college and university students believe only in doubling the amount of fine instead of paying it promptly because they don’t like to visit any governmental bodies linked to the traffic directorate. Another official in the Traffic Department said that Saudis are violating the traffic rules with over speeding and also hiding the number plates of the vehicles.  The Saudi drivers committing traffic violation are mostly between 20 to 40 years of age.

According to the sources the trend of driving the vehicles without number plates and pedestrian crossing line has assumed disturbing level recently. At most of the traffic circles, the incidents of crossing red lights and violating traffic signals are reducing because of the security cameras. In addition to that the bikers have also been following the traffic rules because of the high fine of SR500. But an official from the General Traffic Directorate said that the ground realities are different from this.

The source said Saher system has not achieved its goals. It is not succeeded much in limiting and controlling the accidents. On the opposite side, the number of the accidents has been increased especially on the main heavy traffic roads. The reason of this increment in accidents shows that the citizens are not disciplined and have no respect for the laws. It was quoted in the local media on Sunday. The sources said Saher camera vehicles have caught a lot of speeding drivers. This was possible only because unlike the highways, the saher cameras have not been affixed at permanent places. If these cameras were on fixed locations then the violations would have been doubled.

The officials in the Traffic Department said that the department would double the fines if not paid by the violators within specified time which is one month.  In case of violation again and again like if drivers exceed speed 160 km per hour, and for the habitual offenders, the Traffic Department stops giving any facilities to the drivers by suspending the license. The offender is taken to court for the trial.  And the punishment for his offence would be imprisonment and cancellation of driving license.

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