Monday, September 7, 2015

Sex Correction Surgeries are on the rise in Jeddah Hospitals

Many of us, albeit most of us, when we hear sex correction, automatically our brain perceives it as the same thing as sex change, however today we will be telling you how it is actually different from one other and how it is practiced in the Kingdom. Over the last 3 decades, there have been a total of 700 sex correction surgeries which have been performed on patients from all across the Islamic world, at the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital’s Sexual Orientation Center.

Yasser Jamal, who is the head of the Sexual Orientation Center at the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, has stated that there is a major difference between a sex correction surgery and a sex change surgery. He added that the sex correction surgeries are performed on those patients who have genital mutations or any other genetic or physical mutation which might be identifying her or him as that of the opposite gender. In sex correction cases, such as those listed above, the doctors and surgeons only do the task of correcting the physical features of a patient so that they can conform or identify themselves to their original gender.

In the religion of Islam, a sex correction surgery has been allowed after a proper medical diagnosis as such a condition is considered a medical condition. However a sex change operation without any medical diagnosis has been forbidden or termed Haram. Yasser Jamal added that the number of males and females who undergo the sex correction surgery is relatively similar; however the male patients who undergo such surgeries are a tad bit higher than the female patients.

The King Abdul Aziz University Hospital has also opened up a new stem cell technologies center as well as a center for regenerative surgeries. Yasser added that the Regenerative medicine is essentially a branch of the molecular biology and tissue engineering which primarily deals with the process of regenerating, engineering and replacing human organs, cells or tissues to help restore their normal functions. No longer do medical personnel have to reshape the bones as they can now simply shift the displaced fat deposits in order to restore the correct or original form of the organs.

Sabah Mushrif, the supervisor for the newly opened Regenerative Medicine Center at the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital has stated that the regenerative medicine can be very easily used in the repairing of any tissue deficiencies as well as help burn victims and also repair any physical mutations in the patients. The Regenerative medicine primarily uses stem cell technology. Stem cell technology is essentially the method of extracting the healthy or unaffected cells from any healthy part of the body and then replanting these cells in other parts of the body where they are required. The relatively new stem cell technology has been gaining immense popularity extremely fast, in the field of medicine as it does not require using any artificial injections which could one day have negative effects on the patient’s body.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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