Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The moment when Crane fell down – Omani Pilgrim recalls the horror

The incident of the crane which fell and caused the deaths of upwards of 111 pilgrims has gone viral all over the world. Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of the pilgrims who have lost their lives in this unfortunate accident. Aside from the people that lost their lives on that day, there are also scores of people who have been left injured due to that incident, on varying degrees. Some of the injured have been released due to the lesser extent of their injuries while some of the injured are still admitted in the hospital. Two Omani nationals were also amongst the numerous pilgrims who had been injured in the crane accident which occurred last Friday at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. The two Omanis have been identified as Ali Al Wahaibi and Salim Al Hajri. Both of these people are from the eastern province of Bidyah in Oman.

Salim Al Hajiri, one of the Omani men spoke to Gulf News, in which he stated that he had been circumambulating around the Holy Kaaba with his friend Ali Al Wahaibi when all of a sudden a crane fell on top of the roof of the Grand Mosque. As soon as the crane fell, it broke into numerous pieces. One of the bigger pieces cut through to the nerves, injuring both his legs in process, while other small pieces hit Al Hajri on his hands and also on his head. Al Hajri added that when he was hit, he could not walk hence some of the other pilgrims helped him and took him to a safe location. Al Hajri states that he remembers seeing a man whose entire body had been cut up into two separate parts after one of the larger parts of the crane fell directly on top of him.

Ali Al Wahaibi suffered some electric shock due to the wires which were cut and damaged as a result of the crane falling on top of them. Ali Al Wahaibi leaped on to other pilgrims so that he would avoid being electrocuted and somehow managed to escape with only a fractured leg. Al Hajri added that the ambulances did not arrive at the scene until about 30 minutes after the crane fell. Both Ali and Salim were provided medical treatment at the health center at Makkah and were subsequently discharged after being in the hospital for around 7 hours. They thanked the authorities of Saudi Arabia as well as the Omani Hajj Mission for all the support and help which has been provided for them.

The two Omani people have also appealed to the Hajj mission to provide a vehicle to them so that they can travel about, and even complete their pilgrimage, because currently due to their injuries, they cannot walk. It is no doubt that all our prayers are with the dead and the injured and we hope that those fortunate enough to have survived will be out of the hospitals soon and will be able to complete their pilgrimage.

Source: Gulf News


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