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Top 5 Most Deadly Hajj Incidents

By now almost everyone knows about the Mina Stampede which took place on Sep 24, 2015 and caused the death of more than 1,000 people and left 861 injured. It was really a very painful incident which took place on the day of Eid (Day of Happiness for Muslims). We have seen dead bodies lying down the ground all over the places. This is something which left all Muslim ummah in great grief. It was a deadly Hajj incident but to my greatest surprise, it is not the most deadly hajj incident in the history of Hajj. Today I am going to write about the top 5 most deadly hajj incidents in the 4000 years of hajj.

It is also important for all of us to understand that during Hajj, around 3 million people got together at one place. It is the biggest gathering of human beings at one place in all around the world. Saudi Government spends billions of dollars from their pocket and makes every possible arrangement to help and facilitate pilgrims. Even with all kind of measures taken by government, still this kind of incidents take place. I can just say that if Allah’s has written someone’s death at Holy Site, is there anyone to stop it? I also believe that no one can make Hajj arrangements better than Saudi Government.

Top 5 Most Deadly Hajj Incidents
1,426 People died in Hajj Incident - 1990: It was the morning of July 02, 1990. Incident took place when pilgrims were going towards Jamarat for stoning the devil ritual. It was 44C outside and 7 pilgrims fell down from a bridge. It created trouble among other pilgrims. The flow of the crowd going towards Jamarat stopped but pilgrims kept on coming from backside. In a tunnel which had a capacity of 1,000 pilgrims, there were around 5000 pilgrims there. In the meantime ventilation system of the tunnel stopped working which created stampede. 1,426 people passed away that day which is still the most deadly incident. Recommended: Hajj Stampede Incident 1990 which took 1426 lives

Around 1,000 People Died in Mina Stampede -2015 - The incident took place when pilgrims of two streets of Mina were going for “stoning of the devil”.  Pilgrims of Street 204 and Street 223 were going towards Jamarat when they met each other on an intersection as you can see on the map. The streets look narrow in the map but actually they are very broad and can accommodate thousands of pilgrims. If anyone of you has experience this crowd, you will agree with me that there are many moments when you walk without your will, because crowd is moving towards that direction. You cannot change direction of crowd, you cannot move to even right or left. You can imagine how the stampede happen when these two crowds met each other from sideways pushing each other. People were chanting Allah's name while others was crying, including children and infants. People fell on the ground seeking help but there was no-one to give them a helping hand. Everybody seemed to be on their own. People were just climbing on top of others in order to move to a safer place and that's how some people died. It is really painful to even imagine. 1,000 died, more than 865 are injured. Read more about it in this link “How Makkah Stampede took 717 lives? What was the reason?

400 People were killed in a clash between Iranian Pilrgims and Saudi Security Forces: It was the 31st of July 1987, a Friday during the Hajj period which is considered extremely important. Iranian pilgrims started their campaign in the middle of extremely heightened security; this is because the Saudi Government believed explosives had been smuggled into the country by Iranians. The march was quite uneventful almost the complete route, however things changed when they approached the final part of their designated tour. As the demonstrators reached the end of their route they found their route blocked by Saudi National Guard and Riot Police. This antagonized the demonstrators and they tried to move forward. While this was going on some unidentified individuals started throwing bricks and stones to the Saudi Security Forces. The commotion and the rioting cause a total of 402 deaths which included 85 Saudi security forces personnel, 42 pilgrims of other nations and 275 Iranians. This also resulted in 649 injuries too. Read more about it in this link “Insight of the 1987 Attack on Makkah by Irani Pilgrims

364 Pilgrims died during stoning the devil ritual – 2006: Another incident which took place while pilgrims were going to perform the rituals of “stoning the devil”. The cause of the incident was again the stampede which took lives of 364 pilgrims and 1000 were injured.

343 pilgrims died due to Fire in Mina Camps - 1997: It was April 16, 1997 when fire erupted in Mina Camps. There was a strong wind that day due to which fire was fanned. On Estimated basis, around 70,000 tents were subject to fire that day. Around 343 pilgrims died due to heavy burn and stampede and 1290 were injured. Saudi government took action after that and now we have fire proof mina camps. Recommended: The Hajj Fire Tragedy 1997 – 300 pilgrims were burnt to Death

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