Wednesday, September 9, 2015

21 things, Saudi Arabia is doing to help Refugees

Recently I came across a lot of people on social media inquiring as to what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been doing in order to facilitate the refugees who are desperately fleeing Syria leaving behind everything, in order to save their lives, and the lives of their wives and children. The Syrian Refugee crisis went viral after images of a child named Aylan Kurdi appeared. Unfortunately Aylan is not with us today, however his life has inspired many people around the world to donate and help these Syrian Refugees in any way possible. Below I will tell you exactly what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been doing in order to facilitate refugees and people in crisis all around the world. These are just some of the major accomplishments by Saudi Arabia which I have listed below, I hope this answers the queries of all those social media users.

What is Saudi Arabia doing to help Refugees?
  1. Firstly, the Saudis were praying to Allah in the Masjid ul Haram and asking for help for the refugees.
  2. Saudi Arabia has welcomed 4 million Burmese, who fled their native country. Source: Saudi Iqama for 4 Million Burmese – Salute to King Salman!
  3. As I am writing this the tenth relief plane from Saudi Arabia is arriving in Yemen.
  4. The sixth relief plane from Saudi Arabia is arriving in Aden any moment.
  5. Zaatarl Camp, which is a Saudi health center, that is providing psychological services to around 1400 patients in one week.
  6. Saudi Arabian puts in a share of the Palestinian Authority Budget.
  7. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donates around 134 tons of dates for the Eastern Cambroon refugees.
  8. Around 7,500 families in Yemen are receiving Food Baskets since the Month of Ramadan from the King Salman Center for Relief.
  9. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest aid donors in the entire world.
  10. Saudi clinics in a Zaatarl camp located in Jordan are treating around 350 patients per day.
  11. The crown prince previously approved a fasting program for the Somalis and the Syrians.
  12. Comoros is receiving a Saudi Relief aid package as I write this.
  13. King Salman has increased the humanitarian aid which is being given to Yemen to around above $ 540 million.
  14. The Kingdom has already donated around $274 million in their support of the humanitarian efforts which were badly needed in Yemen.
  15. Southern Syria has been receiving around 41 tons of relief material and other aid through a National Saudi Campaign.
  16. A Saudi is distributing bread to those Syrians who are displaced.
  17. Saudi aid is also arriving in Turkey which is meant for the Syrians of Northern Syria.
  18. Late King Abdullah has donated around $ 2.67 million in support funds for Saudis living abroad.
  19. Gaza is receiving a Saudi Medical aid care package through the Rafah Port.
  20. Winter supplies and aid material has also been sent to Syria.
  21. Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia has directed for the Syrians in Lebanon to receive around $ 2.4 million in heating fuel.
Un-known Facts about Saudi Arabia
  1. If you are not treated fairly, write to me – Saudi King Says
  2. SR 150,000 for every disabled person to buy Special Cars – King Salman
  3. Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Donates 10,000 Houses and 10,000 Cars to Needy People
  4. Saudi Prince Donates SR 100,000 to the Poor bride whose Wedding Dress caught Fire
  5. Prince Waleed Bin Talal Decides to donate his Entire Wealth - $32 billion


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