Thursday, September 10, 2015

What to do if you see an Accident on Road in Saudi Arabia?

I still remember my initial days in Saudi Arabia when everyone was feeding me with a set of things not to do in Saudi Arabia. You can understand someone who has brought in an entirely different culture; it is very difficult for him to settle down in Saudi environment. Out of these many instructions, one left me astonished. Someone was telling me that in case I see some accident on road and find some injured people, I should not touch them and wait for the ambulance to come. He further added that I don’t even have to give them water even if passengers are dying. I did not believe in it at that time and later on it was realized that it is just a baseless myth about Saudi Arabia. Finally, today I have thought to enlighten readers of this blog with a set of instructions they have to do in case they see an accident on road in Saudi Arabia.

What to do if you see an Accident on Road in Saudi Arabia?
  1. As soon as you see an accident on the road and if there is no one to attend, you need to park your car to a safe place and rush towards the accident place. Keep in mind, your security is more important than the security of those people who have already met with an accident.
  2. As soon as you reach the place, you need to check if there is any need for immediate action. For example, if some injured person is lying down on the road, you need to take him on the side so that someone else going on a high speed doesn’t hit him. If you see fire around the vehicle, you need to take the injured people out of the scenario to a safer place. Many people will try to stop you from doing so just because of the above mentioned myth.
  3. Once you have made sure that the injured people are secure, you need to call an ambulance. In case of fire, you need to call fire brigade. If you have assistance of more than one people, you can ask him to call at the emergency numbers while you take care of the security of the injured people. Recommended: “Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia
  4. If you are trained to provide first aid, there is nothing wrong in providing first aid to the injured people. Give them water, try to stop their blood flow and do whatever you think can save their life. Be available to them till the time ambulance reaches the place of accident.
  5. Try to avoid touching female injured passengers unless their relatives allow you to do it.
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