Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why do Arabs make fun of other people?

Perhaps there are very few things which may disgust or agitate one person as such hearing someone ridicule or make fun of somebody else’s physical appearances. It is inconceivable, not only by me, but by many sane likeminded individuals how a meager human who has been made by the same God that made them, who they ridicule, can have the audacity to ridicule somebody else based on their physical appearance. In my opinion these ignorant ridiculers are actually ridiculing the way that God has made that man, either knowingly or unknowingly.

It is highly unfortunate that such a practice is common everywhere across the world; however, by what I have come across, it seems to be more prevalent in the Arab or Gulf societies. I may be wrong, but this is view, has been derived from spending a lot of time in the region interacting with a lot of natives and expatriates who themselves have been living in the Kingdom since long periods of time. It seems that everywhere you go in the Gulf region or Arab world; you will find people openly making fun of how somebody else looks, based on their facial features, age, height or weight. As said before this practice is quite common all over the world and not only in Arab countries.

Simply stated, mocking somebody else based on how they look, is against the common basic ethics which ought to be instilled in us, as human beings. In some of the western countries, such acts are considered to be part of racial discrimination, and hence those involved in these activities can also be legally charged and sentenced or fined. Maybe this is the main reason behind the sharp decline of this act in the western countries. If this were true, which it may be, and then what it essentially means is that making it illegal of ridiculing somebody else based on their looks, is what has made the western society more open, liberal and generally accepting of people of all colors, shapes and sizes.

In the Arab region however it seems to be a highly enjoyable act, something which is not to be proud of. Whether it be the more religious minded people, or those people who seem to be flag bearers of western liberalism in non western countries, indulge in these acts openly. It seems mocking others based on their looks has no religious or mindset specification. These people, in my view, are involved in ridiculing others based on the physical attributes and features bestowed upon that person by Allah, because they know that there is no repercussion, at least not in this world, and they can get away with such acts with great ease.

What might surprise you is that literature throughout the history of this region has been filled with examples of how 2 or more poets are ridiculing each others. This is prevalent in many of the western music as well, as artists and singers often use clever use of words to send ridiculing messages to the other artists.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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