Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Gulf Tourists are harassed in European Destinations?

There seems to be a campaign running on the internet and on the social media about the over stated poor behavior of Gulf State and Saudi tourists visiting abroad. This has become so much of a problem now that many of these tourists from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are reportedly being harassed by the locals of many European countries. Many of the tourists state that they had been treated very rudely by the locals at malls and other public places like restaurants and parks. The volume of Gulf citizens travelling to European countries has increased tremendously over the past years. It is also reported that around 50 percent of the total Saudi citizens have Europe as their first preference for a holiday spot.

The campaign was started when the behavior of some of the tourists had been caught on video and pictures, which immediately went viral on the social media. One of the clips show a group of Gulf tourists sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower and smoking Hookah, while another one showed a group of three tourists seemingly from the Gulf region, stealing one of the ducks from a public park, and were hoping to ear it later. A Saudi female in her 20s, Bashyer, who had been travelling to Europe stated that she encountered this negative or bad treatment in Italy. The incident occurred when she and a friend walked into a Chanel store to buy a bag. After a bit of browsing they asked the salesperson for the latest design. However the salesperson just kept on looking at them as if he wanted them to leave and not to serve them. She also stated that in one other store, the security guard at the shop kept following them around trying to look inconspicuous but it made her feel as if they were thieves.

Another Saudi woman in her 20s, Dina Abdullah stated that she once encountered an incident of bad treatment in Germany when she had gone out shopping and in one store when she had done shopping she handed the cashier her credit card and proceeded to pick up her stuff from the counter, the cashier immediately snatched the stuff from her hand and spoke rudely, he thought she was stealing the stuff. Dina Abdullah added that some of the tourists from the Gulf region behave very poorly when they are travelling to a foreign country.

They think that since nobody knows them in the foreign land, they can do pretty much anything. Hence these people break the rules and those who have children usually let their children do whatever they want to, which more often than not, turns into one huge ruckus.

One Saudi woman in her 30s, Rawan Baeshen stated that she has not once been treated poorly in all of her trips to Europe or any other place for that matter of fact. She believes that the negative reaction of the European people to the negative behavior of tourists from the Gulf region is normal.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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