Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Young Girl went Missing from a Shopping Mall in Jeddah

The police of Jeddah had been investigating the sudden and worrying disappearance of a 12 year old girl. The girl had reportedly vanished from an ice cream parlor located in one of the malls in the North Jeddah area, sometime around midnight on Sunday. The police stated the young girl had come to the mall with her family who had travelled to Jeddah from Madinah for recreational purposes. The father of the 12 year old girl, Abdul Aziz stated that he and his family were in the mall and were all buying their dinner at around 11.45. It was then that his young daughter wandered off, after telling the family that she was going to get ice cream, however the little girl did not return.

As soon as the family realized she was missing they started their search frantically however even after more than 1 hour of looking for her, she was nowhere to be found. Once the security at the mall had become unable to locate his daughter from within the mall, Abdul Aziz then contacted the police and lodged a complaint at the Al Samama Police station. The police requested Abdul Aziz to provide them with a recent picture of his daughter, which he brought over immediately on the next day. Undercover agents had been deployed into the field in order to search for the girl.

The police also obtained a copy of the surveillance tapes of the malls CCTV cameras. However the cameras only showed the girl at the ice cream shop till midnight after which the cameras had been programmed to stop recording as the mall usually closes off at midnight.  The father, Abdul Aziz added that his young daughter did not have a cell phone and neither did she know anybody in Jeddah. He believed that his daughter had been kidnapped. The police have however been successfully able to locate the girl and re unites her with her family.

The spokesman for the Makkah Police, Colonel Ati Al Qurashi stated that the girl, whose name is Haneen, had been taken to the hospital after she was found in order for  them to make sure that she was not violated or injured in any way. Al Qurashi added that the girl seems to be in good health. The reports from the hospital have also showed that there have been no such injuries or any other issues. The little girl was found from one of the nearby neighborhoods and it turns out that the girl was only lost and had never been kidnapped.

Praise and maybe a standing ovation has been earned by the officers and other police officers who worked extremely hard to recover the young girl safe and sound. Additionally the relief which Abdul Aziz and the rest of the family must have felt when the police found their little girl cannot be expressed into words. Families who come to the malls or other public areas should divide the adults and the children so that if the group divides for any reason, both divisions have adult supervision.

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