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10 Best Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia

The Date fruit is synonymous to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and every traveler, going from the Kingdom can be expected to have at least 1 packet of Dates with them. There are a huge variety of dates, each with their own distinct taste and texture. For the connoisseurs who might want to experience most of the varieties available here are the 10 most sought after Date varieties.

10 Best Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia
  1. Ajwa: The world famous Ajwa Dates come in at no.1 with their unique combination of soft and dry. The Ajwa dates are sweet and smooth. According to numerous Hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) the Ajwa dates have healing properties, and it is also said that those who consume seven ajwa dates in the morning will be safe from poison and magic till the evening.

  2. Anbara: This variety of dates are larger than the other date varieties and are often favorites for big eaters as they have a smaller seed and more fruit. These are also one of the most expensive varieties available. The dates are packed with protein, are brown in color and sweet to taste.
  3. Safawi: These dates are usually black in color, but are packed with vitamins. This variety is normally cultivated in Madinah and is of soft texture. This variety of dates also has healing properties attributed to them and also contains a high number of minerals. It is reported that if these dates are consumed on an empty stomach, they can kill any stomach worms present.
  4. Barhi: This variety of date fruit is known to be yellow and color and having a crunchy texture. When the fruit is ripe, it tastes of brown sugar or caramel. This variety of date fruit is sold with the thin branches attached.
  5. Saghai: This variety of date fruit is cultivated in Riyadh and has a crisp texture. The Saghai dates are of light yellow to brown color. Although the texture may appear to be wrinkled, they never flake.
  6. Khudri: This variety of date fruit is of dark brown color and have a dry texture. Like all other dates, this variety is also sweet. Khudri dates are the most exported variety of dates due to the reasonable prices and their freshness. This variety is ideal if you want to feel energized and refreshed.
  7. Sukkari: This variety is cultivated in Al Qaseem region. They are of a crisp texture and sweet to taste. This variety is used to prevent tooth decay, lower cholesterol and also get rid of any fatigue.
  8. Zahidi: This variety has a golden color and is of oval shape. The skin is thick and has a dry texture with a high fiber content
  9. Mejdool known as the Queen of dates, they are large in size and have a strong flavor with a soft texture. This variety is often used to make smoothies and can be served all year round.
  10. Kholas caramel flavored date variety. Usually consumed with Arabic coffee and have a sticky texture. This variety originates from Al Kharj and Qaseem regions.

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