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10 Strange products found at the Virgin Megastores

Virgin Megastore is a worldwide brand in sale with more than 40 stores throughout the Middle East. It is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment supplies, such as CDs, DVDs, Books, Electronics, Multimedia, Games, Accessories, computer products, pop-idol merchandise or tickets and many more daily routine products. I take interest in unusual and weird things because I want to side-track myself from daily responsibilities and work. I was pleased at the opening of the Virgin Megastore in Al Nakheel Mall. It is an unusual event which made me amused. After few weeks of the inauguration of the Megastore, I and my friend went there, there was hardly one or two cars parking there. Because it was newly opened so many people didn’t know about it. But today, parking is a headache as so many people go there for shopping. Since its opening in the KSA in 2008, Virgin Megastore set an absolute target of increasing its product collection outline to accomplish trends that are famous for the region. Some of the products which are odd one I find at the virgin store are as given below;

Selfie Snap, SR 99.99: In the last few years, taking selfie has become a trend and a major feature with owning an iOS device. Everyone takes a photo from his mobile phone once a day. The Selfie Snap is a small wireless gadget, in the shape of a tiny camera. It can help you taking selfie without the unwanted camera-holding arm in your pictures. It’s a wireless camera shaped shutter control IOS devices. For iPhone and iPad you will need to download the free iSnapx Remote app from the App store and enjoy by using the gadget to take photos wirelessly.

Self-Stirring Mug, SR 59.99: Who needs spoon anymore? A self-stirring mug that is not very clear as it says so, “No, I’m not lazy! Actually, I’m so hectic I couldn’t even find time to stir my coffee!”  What a great justification to get this self-stirring mug. It is for those people who are very lazy. It is not only good item for coffee and tea, but also great for hot chocolate and soups. With the press of the ‘Stir’ button and your drink stir itself and the hard work done for you. Am I so much lazy that stirring becomes hard work for me?! Haha!

Dunecraft Sprout n’ Grow Greenhouses Sugar Baby Watermelons, SR 49.99:  This complete kit is having everything we need to start our own fruit garden and grow Sugar Baby Watermelons in it. So no one needs a garden outside his villas as I find this really cute greenhouse in virgin store. These plants will grow fast and put up with fruit early in just three months. I have so many fruits in my mind which I thought could not fit in this tiny container but it says that it will produce ordinary large and heavy watermelons, about 8 inches tall, wide, and long. But to believe something, you have to taste and see it first. So I start planning to plant them but wait I have to buy it first right?

Spinning Hat’s Emergency Outfits, SR 54.99: Wow, I have no reason for not going to a costume party. According to this Emergency Outfits box, in every pack with a range of themes, you’ll find a cool costume to wear to any occasion but in fact, these are only for costume parties because you can’t be look like a bizarre such as a cowboy, a superhero, a pirate, a hula girl or even Pocahontas at your workplace.

Mad Pax Backpacks, SR 214.95: At first, I didn’t understand what it was? But when I turned it over, I was surprised to see that these are backpacks. Firstly, I am in safe hands because I don’t use backpack. But a bag with spikes bubble and cracks on it? It might be fascinated for the kids but mostly people avoid it. It has scream fast and funky colors and creepy designs

Click and Grow (Basil), SR 500+: I talked about growing watermelon before, but if you are not interested in growing fruit then you can grow herbs. The herb basil is offered in pre-seeded jars with Click and Grow's specially prepared soil. Along with Basil, Tomatoes and chili peppers are also available at the store. Click & Grow Smart pot is a latest kind of home garden that totally takes care of your herbs and flowers. The Smart Herb Garden is the most neat and easiest inside gardening solution offered. Just plug it in, add water, and it takes care of the rest of the procedure. It is Smart, simple, and carefree.

Crazy Aaron’s thinking Putty, SR 49.99: Do you want to relieve you stress away, a thing which is cheaper than a massage; you can have the Thinking Putty. Grab thinking putty for opening up to all kind of creative ideas, stress relieving, hand exercising, mind relaxing and totally fun. You can use it as a toy,, or a therapy putty. Thinking Putty is appreciated by everybody. It would be the favorite desk toy and stress reliever for most of the people. It comes in over 30 primary and amazing colors. You can do whatever you want with it.

Mighty Wallet, SR 49.99: Mighty Wallet is the coolest thin wallet on the market. These wallets are so thin and feel like paper to me. But it seems that it is an inventive, strong wallet. The Mighty Wallet is made of DuPont Tyvek fabric. These wallets are tear-resistant, water-resistant, ultra thin and expandable. It is design so amazingly that it has no stitching. You can take it with you everywhere as it simply right away adjusts to the things you have in your wallet. So a thin, lightweight wallet finally that won't weigh you down and protect and taken care of your money

Megaphone Mobile Speaker, SR 94.99: This mobile speaker is so tiny that I don’t have anything to say about it whether it makes a huge sound or not. No instructions required for its use, just plug the speaker to your device then power ON the speaker and enjoy listening to your music.

Nano Block, SR 74.99: Nano blocks are unique tiny small sized building blocks. If you are missing Lego, these Nano blocks are similar in design to a Lego brick. If you have these tiny blocks on your desk, you’ll have something intellectual to do when you’re bored. They’re so small in size but when you make a lot of them, you will be surprised to see the unique designs with these Nano block. There is no end to these strange, quirky, fun products in Virgin Megastore. Did you go through anything like this or knew about any product I missed, do share with us.

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