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13 Reasons - Why Saudi Arabia is better place to live in as compared to United States?

Saudi Arabia has developed from being an underdeveloped desert to one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Saudi Arabia is ranked as 46th major country in the world by population and 13th leading country in the world by area. The USA is the world leading super power economically and in military also. The country is also providing entertainment in the form of American TV, Hollywood films, rock and rap music are in American culture.  As one might visualize, life in Saudi Arabia is very much different from life in the U.S. Saudi Arabia and the United States have been friends since 1933. Life in Saudi Arabia is quite different from the life one lived in the United States. If a person comes up with an open mind and sense of exploration, life in Saudi Arabia can be appealing, great and even better than United States.

  1. The Money: The reason people wants to live in Saudi Arabia is high salaries which is tax free, lavish housing, you don’t have to pay for your children schooling, government will pay for it, and the minimum 30 days rewarded holidays these are all benefits that one person dreams of. Accommodation and transportation are including in salary packages. The cost of living here is pretty reasonable as compared to United States. In United States where Heavy expenditures and salaries are needed to survive, very little money needs to be spent to live here in Saudi Arabia. Petrol is cheap in fact cheaper than water, but you may be amazed to know that food, entertainment, and shopping are also reasonable and within your means.
  2. Diversity: People in America, considered diversity as white kids and black kids go to school in equivalent numbers. But in Saudi Arabia the idea make new meaning. In Saudi Arabia the word diversity has been prolonged ahead of anything that a mind could have expected several years ago. You can made links and contacts with people from all area of the world, from countries which probably never heard before. Riyadh, the country's capital has a mostly foreign population. This is a great place to teach your family about differing cultures and ways of life. Whereas on the other hand there is racial and cultural discrimination exists in American society. African Americans, Muslims etc are maltreated in United States. There is a huge inequality between white and black in America.
  3. Crime Rate: I have spent a long period of my life in United States and I can say it with 100% surety that crime rate in Saudi Arabia is lesser than United States. Here, I feel the sense of protection which I don’t feel at any other part of the world. Recommended: Crime Rate in Saudi Arabia
  4. Happy planet index: The mechanism of Happy Planet Index is determined from three elements such as life expectancy, Perceived well-being, and environmental marks. Higher values indicate more contented population. America is valued 30.7 and Ranked 114th whereas the value in Saudi Arabia is 59.7 with 13th rank. It shows that life in Saudi Arabia is 94% happier than United States
  5. Educational status: The education rate is less than United States but few aspects in which Saudi Arab has superiority over United States such as teaching staff at primary level per 1000 in Saudi Arabia is 11.16 Ranked 1st in the world which is 2 times more than United States
  6. Oil Production: Saudi Arabia is far more developed country in crude oil production. It produces 11.73 million bbl/day. It ranks 1st in the world in oil production.  It produces oil 140 times more than United States
  7. Geographical status: Saudi Arab’s area comparatively with United States is slightly more than one-fifth the size of the US. According to countryside population is 119.34 people/km² of cultivable land. It is ranked 145th and 4 times more than United States
  8. Health: Cost of health care of the citizens in Saudi Arabia is $61.54 per citizen per annum. It is 34% more than United States. Public health costs consist spending of money from government. Health expenses by the Government of Saudi Arabia is 79.46% which is 74% more than United States
  9. Social life: The most developed countries like U.S is the most immersed ones in crimes. The super power of the world is at the first position in the race of rapes. Males are mostly the rapist holding a ratio of 99%. Where as in Saudi Arabia sexual offences stood at 2.19 rapes per 100,000 populations which are very low as compare to United States.
  10. Divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is very low which 1.1 is where as in United States it is 3.6 per 1000 population and increasing day by day
  11. Travel and Tourism: The World has a number of famous tourist places, but the term tourism probably doesn't match and click mind when one thinks of Saudi Arabia. The rich cultural history of the Kingdom has to offer stunning scenery when you venture out into the deserts away from Riyadh, the mountains of Abha, or the beaches along the shore of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.
  12. Food: There is no place in the world where you can get quality food outside Saudi Arabia. So if you've not visited, you have no idea what you're missing! The national dish of Saudi Arabia is Kabsa, rice with meat or chicken. Customarily it is served in a huge platter with everyone sitting around the platter. It's an experience that you probably won't find in United States.
  13. Adventure: Exactly every day is a new adventure here in Saudi Arabia. Meet new people, learn new languages, and know different cultures, try new foods. Anyone who gets the opportunity to travel or work here should jump at the chance. Observe what could likely be on your list of reasons why life in Saudi Arabia could be best life and better than United States.

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