Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Safety Tips to Use Cruise Control on Saudi Roads

If you set a speed on cruise control of your car, you don’t have worry about over speeding. Your vehicle will not cross the set speed at any point of time. It is very useful especially while you are on a long drive. You don’t have to keep your foot on accelerator. The cruise control is deactivated as soon as you press the brake pedal of your vehicle. Cruise control is a luxury provided to all motorists by all the automobile designers and manufacturers, however there are certain ways in which this feature must be used. It is very important to follow these tips to avoid any mishap while using cruise control. If cruise control fails, vehicle does not stop by pressing brake and there can be a fatal accident.

5 Useful Tips to Use Cruise Control on Saudi Roads
  1. It is not advised to motorists to apply cruise control on a rainy day. In either rain, or any other unstable condition of the road, the cruise control needs to remain switched off, so that if and when there is an emergency, the driver can react promptly. Wet roads lead to cars skidding due to the fact that the tires cannot tread through the water quick enough. Hence keeping the car at a constant high speed will make the skidding worse. The cruise control system has not been developed to recognize the texture ad condition of the road hence will continue at a constant speed.
  2. Due to the fact that cruise control sets on a certain speed, it is important to decide wisely as to how fast you would like the vehicle to be moving at. Certain drivers have stated that they use the cruise control feature in order to avoid speeding tickets. If for instance the speed limit is 140, then they will set the speed at 138 so that they can continue at relatively the same speed, while also avoiding a ticket. Cruise control should not be used on speeds above 150 kilometers per hour. Since the brakes already will take a long period before they are able to bring the car to a complete halt, this would be further delayed if the cruise control function is on. Driving at low speeds, inside the city on smaller roads does not require cruise control at all, and the feature was designed to aid drivers on the highways and motorways.
  3. While many people believe that they can be less cautious with the cruise control feature, it is advisable that you shift your concentration towards being more alert so that if and when any situation arises you are mentally ready.
  4. In order for an automobile to function properly, all of the elements inside the automobile must be in good condition. Failure of any one system often causes other parts of the automobile to malfunction or function at a lower efficiency. Keeping your brakes checked and serviced is a necessity more than it is a luxury due to the fact that the brakes are what the difference between life and death are. Apart from the brakes and other parts, maintenance of the cruise control system is also required periodically. If you frequently use the cruise control function on the roads it is of vital importance to your safety to have them checked as regularly as possible.
  5. If a cruise control system malfunctions it can neither be turned off or on again, which can become a real nuisance especially if you are on a motorway or in between cities. Other reasons for the failure of cruise control include problems in the wiring, vacuum system, steering column, speed sensors or the control unit.
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