Saturday, October 10, 2015

5 Women beaten to Death in India – accused of being Witches

Those of us who have studied history, especially of the western world, one period of time were especially dark. This was the time of the Witch Trials being conducted all over the western world, in which many innocent women lost their lives due to superstitions and lies which were spread by the religious leaders of the area. It seems that India is not far behind on following yet another western trend and that too so closely, as reports emerge of a huge mob of villagers allegedly beating 5 women so badly, that they died on the spot. The 5 women had been accused by the villagers, of performing and practicing witchcraft and also for causing many misfortunes in the local village area.

Residents of the Village of Kinjia located in the Jharkand state allegedly dragged all 5 of these women out of their houses and then proceeded to beat them with iron rods and other wooden sticks. The deputy inspector general of police in Ranchi, capital city of Jharkand, Arun Kumar Singh stated this while talking to the media. The people who attacked these women have put the blame on those women for causing several accidents and other misfortunes which are being suffered by the local villagers of the area. These misfortunes also include the death of infant in Kinjia just earlier this week. The local police of the area have arrested more than 50 people who had been directly or indirectly involved in the brutal attack on these women, Singh stated.

 A huge number of the police officers have also been subsequently deployed in to the village area in order to ensure the prevention of the outbreak of any other violence. The top elected official of Jharkan, Raghubar Das Chief Minister, has condemned the incident of the killing of these 5 women. He added that in this modern age, which is filled with knowledge, such incidents are shameful and sad. The society needs to think hard over this issue.

The superstitious beliefs are a part of everyday life for many people in India and it is these superstitious beliefs that have caused numerous prior attacks on women in Jharkhand. From 2000 right up to 2012 more than 2100 people, which comprised mostly of women, have been killed in India on the basis of suspicion that they had been involved in the practice of witchcraft. These statistics come from the National Crime Records Bureau.

The village area of Kinjia is located some 25 miles or 40 kilometers west of Ranchi. Superstitious beliefs are what also caused the Salem Witch Trials in which countless women had been killed in the process of “trying” to be cured or rid of their witchcraft. This is exactly why education and moderate modernization is required by all countries in order to grow as a country and to avoid any such barbaric and totally senseless killings of many women over the years. Authorities need to keep a close check on this issue.

Source: Arab News

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