Thursday, October 15, 2015

6 Assumptions people make when they hear your husband is Arab

6 Assumptions people make when they hear your husband is Arab
  1. He must be physically abusive towards you: This is quite a general assumption these days and I have heard people say it numerous times to several women. It is astonishing how there is a them v/s. us mentality in this generalization.  Keep aside the fact that people have generalized all men of Arabic descent into one classification and 1 general culture. Knowing many Arab men I can say that they are not wife beaters. However we cannot deny the fact that wife beaters exist amongst us, not only in Arab society, but the rest of the world as well.
  2. He expects you to be his slave: Regardless of how bizarre this is to read, I have come across this personally. In every marriage there is certain expectations, however being told by others that Arab husbands treat their wives like slaves is surely not right. This generalization again is inaccurate as this exists all around the world. Additionally if I have seen any nationality of husbands spoiling their wives, it is the Arabs, with the numerous housemaids, chauffeurs etc.
  3. He will make you cover your head: Well firstly a Hijab is more of a choice for Muslim women. I would not rule out the fact that many MUSLIM husbands make their wives cover their heads, but again that is a religious aspect and not a cultural or an issue associated with the Arabs only. There are however several Muslim men who couldn’t care less.
  4. His family or he will sell the wife into slave trade: This is something I overheard and was appalled at the notion that this non Arab had about the Arab men. It not only surprised me but also shocked me that people have such a wrong impression or mindset about people of certain cultures. Despite the fact that human trafficking is a pressing issue, it is a global one and not one pertaining specifically to the Saudi men.
  5. Saudi Husbands kidnap their own children: Firstly the safety of their child is vital to the parent regardless of their nationality; however it is completely un true that child abductions are done only by Arab husbands, where as it is a global crisis involving men and women of all nationalities. Just being of Arab descent is not a classification which makes all Arab men kidnappers. Plus Arab men would be calling their wives just 1 day after having the kids to them, hence this theory is totally absurd.
  6. You will be one of his many wives: Well even though that is a possibility, just because it is allowed, doesn’t mean it is in the least bit true. Muslims around the world do have permission to marry up to 4 women however, they must have prior consent from their first wife, without which it is not allowed, and must ensure that he can equally financially provide for the wife/s.
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