Tuesday, October 27, 2015

96-hour transit visa for all airline passengers at UAE airports

The United Arab Emirates is the center point for all travels around the world. The International Airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are being used with more frequency as a stopover for all air travelers making their way from Asia, towards Europe or the rest of the western world.  Some good news has just come for all travelers who will have a transit in any airport in the United Arab Emirates, regardless of the airlines that they might be travelling in. all transit passengers can now avail a 96 hour visa at the UAE airports upon arrival. A 96 hour transit visa is going to be issued to all passengers who are arriving in the United Arab Emirates through any of the International Airlines. This statement was made by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai

Conditions to obtain 96-hour transit visa for all airline passengers at UAE airports
  1. Previously this facility for a 96 hour transit visa was only available for all passengers flying through Emirates airlines. In accordance with the email sent from the Amer Contact Center, any passengers can now apply for a 96 hour transit visa at the airport, by paying the visa fee. They will however have to meet certain conditions such as;
  2. The transit cannot be shorter than 8 hours
  3. The flight after the transit must be to a different location to where flew from.
  4. Another requirement is that a hotel booking has to be made, and is a mandatory clause. This was informed to the media via a call center executive. The executive added that there are several ways of booking your hotel prior to reaching Dubai or if you have an unexpected stop over you can always book the hotel at the airport as the facility is available there too. Another call center employee of Abu Dhabi’s eGovernment Gateway confirmed the fact that the visa will be available at the Abu Dhabi airport as well.
  5. All applicants for the 96 hour transit visa will need their original passport, along with a valid ticket for another flight and if both of these are present then they can pay 170 AED and get the visa.

How to arrange 96-hour transit visa at UAE Airport?
  • If you are travelling through Emirates Airline, the procedure to get 96 hours transit visa is very simple. You can apply online on the website of Emirates Airline to get this visa.
  • If you are travelling from any other airline, you will have to contact Marhaba Services available at UAE Airports
Don’t overstay 96-hour transit visa
Additionally the Etihad Airline has also stated on their website that it is the responsibility of the visa applicants to ensure that they do not violate or break any of the conditions or rules of the Transit visa. Particularly they were referring towards extending the stay beyond the permitted 96 hours. Any individual who is staying in the UAE after the 96 hour time period allotted to them, it would be considered illegal to stay in the country, and all violators will be subjected to penalties and fines by the Immigration authorities in the UAE. The 96 hour transit visa will allow for applicants to stay in the UAE for a time period of four days with the first day being considered as the day of arrival till midnight, hence if someone lands at 1 a.m. they will have 23 hours till the second day starts, and they will be left with 3 days to stay in the UAE. The exit of all transit visa applicants has to be before midnight of the 4th day of the issuance of the Visa.

Source: Emirates News

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