Saturday, October 31, 2015

Baby Left Blind due to Camera Flash while taking a photo close-up

Babies are probably the cutest things on earth, regardless of the fact if you know the baby or parents or not. When you become a parent, all your preference for yourself, your well being and your life shifts focus on to your child. A child is truly a gift of God and words are not enough to describe the tiny munchkins that we call babies. The safety of a child is of the foremost importance to not only the parents but to everyone associated or around the baby. While meeting the baby we must ensure to be delicate and try our best not to do anything which may hurt or annoy the baby.

Since a baby has just started developing into a full form adult which will happen over the course of the baby’s life time, all of its organs, senses and other bodily functions are still developing or have not developed yet. Hence it is important not to expose the body parts to anything which may damage their under developed or undeveloped body. Any damage sustained by a baby can alter their entire body and subsequently their entire lives. One such story has emerged from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where a silly mistake by one person has changed the life of a new born drastically. The baby was left completely blind in one eye when a friend of the baby’s family had forgotten to turn off their flash while taking a photograph up close to the baby.

The doctors dealing the baby’s case state that the three month old baby has suffered from irreparable damage from the camera flash. The flash was said to be about only 10 inches away from the face of the baby boy when it went off. Soon after the photograph had been taken, the parents noticed that something had gone wrong with the vision of their young baby boy. The original report was made by the People’s Daily Online. Immediately after the incident the baby lost complete sight in his right eye while suffering from reduced vision from the left eye. The doctors added that the damage which has been done to the eyes of the baby is permanent and cannot be fixed with surgery.

The high powered flash from the camera is said to have damaged the cells on the macula of the young boy. The macula is that part of the eye where the incoming rays of light have been focused. In case the macula is damaged, the person may experience loss of the central vision which will not allow people to see what is straight ahead of them. In the case of children, the macula does not completely develop until the children turn four, which means that children below 4 should be kept away from strong lights.

Experts on the matter have stated that although children can shut their eyes if exposed to any strong light by reflex, however even milliseconds of harsh light directly in the eye can cause irreparable permanent damage. Experts added that bathroom lights may also hurt the babies. No word as to whether the family friend will be facing any legal charges.

Source: Daily Mail

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