Friday, October 16, 2015

Blind Sudani woman miraculously regains eyesight after praying in Masjid Nabawi

Miracles happen all around us, if only we knew where to look. Almighty Allah grants miracles to us every day which we are not even aware of. The miracle of another day, another breath, another step these are all miracles, which would be impossible without the help of Almighty. In some cases the Almighty takes from you first to test your steadfastness and strong resolve in front of challenges, only to reward you for this strong resolve later. An elderly woman of Sudanese origin named Fatima Al Mahi had been blind for the last 7 years, however 1 fine day she was praying in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah when all of her sudden she regained her eyesight.

The elderly woman Fatima Al Mahi had been without sight for the past 7 years even though she went through several surgeries and other procedures to help her get her sight back. Al Mahi, then elderly Sudanese woman stated that she had kept praying constantly to almighty Allah so that he would return her the gift of sight which was taken from her. She stated that her sight was what she would ask for the most ever since she started praying at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. In an interview with Akhbaar24, the elderly Sudanese woman, Al Mahi stated that as she was saying her prayers, all of the darkness which had engulfed her vision for the past several years suddenly disappeared and for the first time in 7 years she say a ray of light.

At the time she had only been accompanied by her son, and when he was told by his mother that she could see again, started praising Almighty Allah for the miracle that had been performed upon his mother at that moment. This surely is a miracle and the elderly woman showed strong resolve and was blessed due to it. More often than not, we fail the tests that Almighty Allah puts in front of us; instead we whine and sometimes even distance ourselves from prayer and the remembrance of Allah.  What this miracle has taught us is that always have faith in Almighty Allah, for he is our creator and the creator of this world that we live on, and everything is a blessing from him to mankind.

If Almighty Allah takes back one or few of the blessings which have been instilled upon us by him, we should not lose hope and should instead be thankful for all the miracles of Almighty Allah that we still have instilled upon us. People view changes in health and wealth to both be testing times presented to us by Allah, however whether it be health, wealth or otherwise, our faith in Almighty Allah is what should drive us in leaving good pious lives, devoted in remembrance of Almighty Allah.

People should also realize that Almighty Allah only tests those Muslims who he knows will be able to bear the burden or the test, so chin up and remember Almighty Allah.

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