Thursday, October 8, 2015

Child fell to death inside Panorama Mall in Riyadh

A heart rending incident happened in Panorama Mall in Riyadh where a four year baby girl Jude Al-Hamali died after a fall. Apparently it seemed that the girl could not maintain balance and fell from a high ride which leaded to her death. The girl shifted to hospital immediately but all efforts went in vain and her life could not be rescued. The grieved family consists of victim parents and sister who were with her in the same mall when the incident happened. While the 4 years old girl was having a ride, her sisters and mother were present in a coffee shop. The victim child’s father at first instance gave a clear statement regarding happening of death due to unavoidable reasons and did not accuse anyone for death of child. Police has started its investigations in order to find out actual reason of death.

The mall management mentioned it in clarification statement for the incident that the girl was left alone and parents did not take care of her during the visit, which led to the death of the child. Later after the issuance of first forensic report, it has become clear that the death of girl has not happened due to falling from height, instead she was electrocuted. The autopsy reports have clearly depicted that Jude was having a wound under her feet due to electric shock, which broke protection barrier in her blood cells and she died due to worse chemical reaction of high voltage electric shock.

First the girl’s father cleared everyone from being involved in happening of death incident, later he gave the statement that death has occurred due to defective security arrangements of mall management instead of careless attitude of victim girl’s mother or sister. Jude’s sister tried to rescue her and while making this attempt she herself electrocuted and has not recovered fully yet. Investigations to find out the actual culprit are in process but mall management has given clear instructions to visitors to take care of their children strictly.

This incident has terrified parents who were keen to visit lavish Panorama mall with their families. People have become more cautious than before for safety of their children while they are on fun trip or out for shopping or dinning. This is not the first incident which took life of an innocent child, many other same incidents happened in past at parks and fun areas.

Parents and guardians who take their children out for outing should be very careful in order to avoid any unfavorable event or incident. Parks and fun lands have clear instructions for child and adult safety especially for choosing rides and swings according to age limit of children. Malls are more crowded and messy places as compare to parks and entertainment zones so one must be more careful there. A small act of care and consideration can avoid a deadly incident which can otherwise impact one’s life forever.

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