Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Contaminated Clothes being sold in Jeddah – Major Health Threat

Used articles are being sold in city markets openly without any proper verification or monitoring by the related officials additionally there are also no assurances that these clothing articles are free of any contamination and germs. The security director of one of these open markets located in Jeddah, Samir Al Silmy, stated that to say the least some of the clothes which were being sold in these open markets were from the donations by family members of those people who have passed away.

Al Simly has stated that the family members of dead people usually donate their clothes for the poor however some people take these clothes and sell them in these open markets at cheap prices. These people know that those people, who are in need, will not care about any potential risks to their health which might happen due to wearing these clothes. He also added that most of the vendors who are involved in the selling of used clothing articles in these open markets are usually poor people who are of African origin. The clothes that these people are selling in these markets have belonged to people who died due to accidents or having died from different diseases.

Many of the customers, who buy such clothes, are not aware of the health risks that come with them. Usually these people are uneducated and / or poor hence they either do not understand the health risks which these articles of clothing pose to their lives, or they simply do not care. Al Simly also stated that the management in charge of the open market has tried to prevent any and all vendors from selling used clothing, many times; however these vendors tend to just ignore these warnings.

The Municipality has seized used articles of clothing from these markets many times however it proved to be not as much of a success as they hoped it would. Due to the fact that there is a high demand for such a product, you will always find some vendors trying to supply to this demand. An Arab Resident, Abdul Majeed Tantawi stated that he buys clothes from these markets frequently as they are extremely cheap. He stated that he simply does not care about who wore these clothes or where they come from; he buys these clothes in large numbers, has them cleaned and then sends it back to his family in his home town. He added that his family could not afford to buy clothes from the retail shops.

Dr. Khalid Afif, a dermatologist in the Kingdom has stated that those people who wear these clothes without knowing who exactly wore it before them can be extremely dangerous to not only the health of the person wearing the clothes but also his close family and friends. The fabric of these clothes acts as a transmitter which is capable of transmitting many contagious diseases and / or infections. Vendors who sell these clothes do not bother having them cleaned due to the fact that they do not want them to look worn out or faded.

Source: SaudiGazette

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