Saturday, October 17, 2015

Doctor removed battery from 4 Years Boy’s Throat in Saudi Arabia

Children can be a handful especially if they are the first child in a family. Nobody really knows what to do with the child, and each and every one of the people who come into contact with the child, will most probably let the child do whatever the child wants. This however can lead to disaster sometimes. As children start getting older, they start teething, which as the name suggests means that they start growing teeth and slowly after that starting to learn how to use them. It is in this period that parents and all those who are responsible for the supervision of children should know that this is the age in which children like to bite on, chew on or swallow objects altogether.

Understandably this is a choking hazard and numerous times this label is also put upon children’s toys which have small particles or pieces in them. Hence, whenever you supervising a child it is imperative that you keep an eye on the child’s hands and mouth. A story of this nature emerged from Madinah after doctors successfully removed a foreign object from the body of a young boy. The boy who is reportedly 4 years of age was taken to the Children and Maternity Hospital located in Madinah where doctors were able to remove a battery which had become stuck in the esophagus or the food pipe in our body. The 4 year old boy had somehow managed to get his hands on the battery and proceeded to swallow it which caused it to get stuck.

Dr. Abdul Karim Al Yamani, a consultant gastroenterologist, and a whole team of doctors operated upon the 4 year old boy after he had been consulted on an emergency basis by Dr. Mohammed Al Rawi in the Emergency Room. The father of the 4 year old boy has thanked all of the medical staff at the hospital for the close attention and medical care which had been provided to his son.

Both the father and the 4 year old were lucky to have arrived in time and without any complications to the hospital and that the doctors were able to resolve the issue without any glitch. It is truly a miracle of Allah how the child survived and made it, despite there being a battery stuck in his throat. This is exactly what I had mentioned earlier, and this is exactly the reason why parents need to be more vigilant while supervising or dealing with children.

Personally as the writer of this article, many times throughout my youth I was reminded of how I once swallowed a coin when I was about 2 years old, however I threw it up before it could be ingested or do any real harm.  Hence I can personally say that these incidents do happen and the more vigilant that parents are, the least likely the chances are that their young children will ever be affected by incidents such as these.

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