Sunday, October 18, 2015

Expatriate who earns SR 4,000 per month, rejects an offer of SR 3 million for his unique Car Number Plate

Saudis love cars. It is a fact which cannot be denied. Another fact which cannot be denied is that Saudis also like to add a personal or custom touch in everything they own. From their cars, to their homes, they would love to have them. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the ultimate customization which can be done to your car is having your own custom number plate. Although many countries do not allow customized registered number plates, Saudi Arabia is not one of them. The general rule of having personalized number plates is trying to get as few numbers as you can possibly get.

Well, an Egyptian Expat who had been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the capital city of Riyadh recently hit a jackpot when he had been offered a staggering amount of SAR 3 Million only for the unique number plate which had been donned on his car. The man in question, Hisham Al Bili, drivers an old car and is earning a modest incomes of SAR 4000 per month. 3 million compared to 4000, this is his lucky day, isn’t it. Hisham stated that round about 16 years ago, one of his Saudi friends had given him this 1998 model car as a gift. The car is currently estimated to be priced at around SAR 12,000.

The car being driven by Bili has a unique number plate of “SSS1” which is truly a unique and special number plate even for those who are not particularly car enthusiasts. Al Bili added that he has always been offered several cash amounts for the unique number plate. These offers have been ranging from SAR 20,000 right up to the mind blowing SAR 3 million, all of which he had previously refused. Al Bili stated that he does not wish to sell the number plate of the car, because he does not want to betray the friend who had instilled this trust in him and had gifted him the car. He even added that he had immense pressure from his friends and family to accept the offer.

Al Bili does not like being pestered on about the unique number plate. He had decided he will not sell it and expects that people will stop asking him to sell it, unfortunately that is not the case. The Egyptian man has become so fed up with the constant offers for compensation and huge amounts for the number plate that he has even stopped taking the car out of the house. He adds that passerby’s also sometime ask him to sell the whole car inclusive of the number plate to them at prices far greater than the current market price of the car.

Al Bili has now resorted to using taxis or other transport services whenever he has to leave the house, because he cannot keep dealing with people desperately wanting to buy his car or just his number plate. The entire story was raised by the local media.

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