Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fill your Petrol Tank free of Cost in Saudi Arabia – 1 million free liters of 95 petrol

Saudis love their cars. Whether it is a normal sedan, a 4x4 truck or a luxury or super car, Saudis will love their car as if it is the best car in the world. for those who have visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or know Saudi people, it is common knowledge that Saudis love cars and some cities in the Kingdom have transformed into a car enthusiasts dream destination due to the fact that they can easily view some of the best cars in the world. I myself believe my first encounter with supercars in the Kingdom when a Lamborghini zoomed past our 4x4 which was shortly after followed by a red Ferrari. The two were most definitely racing, and that was the moment I myself fell in love with cars.

Anyway, all these cars require a lot of fuel to keep moving on the roads and functioning. This in turn costs a lot of money, but what if I tell you, you could easily get free petrol in the Kingdom. Free fuel!!! Can you believe it? Shell is giving away 1 million liters of fuel to all their Helix motor oil customers. Sounds too good to be true right, who would be giving away the most sought after commodity in the world, for free. I mean it just doesn’t make sense.  This however is not a joke or a fake, this is real and this is happening gentlemen. In a promotion with Aldrees, Shell has just announced that they will be giving away a mind blowing sum of 1 million liters in this new promotional campaign.

Well most of us would think at this point that there has to be a catch behind it, as human beings we have slowly started to doubt anything that is too good to be true, or to always think there is a catch behind everything. Well with Shell, the deal is simple. Shell will be offering a total of 30 liters of premium petrol, for absolutely no charge, for each and every driver who is switching over to the Shell Helix motor oil at any of the oil changing shops located in the Kingdom. The Helix oil range by Shell consists of the Shell Helix Ultra and the Shell Helix HX 7.

Those people who are interested in receiving free fuel will only have to do a little thing. The owner of the car must collect a total of 5 Shell Helix bottle caps and then they must present them at any of the Aldrees filling stations. In return, the car owners will be receiving a voucher which will allow him to avail the 30 liter free fuel fill up. The drivers have the ability to have the cars filled up on the spot or they may even use it later, however the offer only lasts as long as stocks last so anybody who would like to avail the offer is recommended to act now. This is why it pays to use the Shell Helix when you are going for the oil change of your car’s engine.

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