Sunday, October 25, 2015

Free Lunch for one year – Saudi soldier rewarded for giving water to Thirsty Cat

Recently a picture went viral on internet which showed an act of compassion done by a Saudi Soldier. The soldier was trying to console a cat by helping it to drink water to satisfy her thirst. This act of sympathy and compassion is openly appreciated by natives of KSA and even outsiders who saw the picture on social media network. This picture gives a message of concern of Saudi forces regarding humanity and manhood. Everyone who saw this picture praised him and paid tribute. Even a restaurant owner who heard about this news announced free lunch for him for one year as a gesture of appreciation and reward.

The owner of a restaurant on Red Sea city of Jeddah announced free lunch for Saudi soldier as he liked his act of compassion towards a helpless cat. Getting ready for prayer the soldier was in ablution room mean while a cat stepped in. The soldier was about to wash his face when the cat gave him gesture that she is thirsty. Probably a security camera captured his act of compassion and someone posted it on fb as a gesture of appreciation and to deliver message of kindness. Meanwhile the restaurant owner saw this picture and made free lunch offer for a year. He added that in case this soldier is not in Jeddah, he will pay his lunch expenses for one year in any other restaurant of any city of KSA. People appreciated his rewarding and appreciating gesture.

Saudi soldiers and servicemen seem quiet generous and devoted towards general public and offer selfless services for security of citizens whether they are Saudi natives or expatriates. It is just beyond understanding how terrorists hit these devoted soldiers who spend their lives for serving mankind.  Islam teaches lesson of brotherhood and humanity, in fact Islam delivers the message of peace and compassion. True followers of Islam never try to hurt other human beings and even animals as it is equivalent to denying teachings of Islam. The picture of Saudi soldier trying to pacify thirsty cat actually depicts practice of instructions given by Holly Prophet PBUH regarding treatment with animals and fellow human beings.

Last year picture of a man went viral in which he was shown trying to help his wife for drinking water who had no hands. People commented on that picture and paid their tribute for kind and compassionate husband.

Source: Gulf News

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