Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How difficult it is to enter to Saudi Arabia for a Non-Muslim? Albert Podell who visited every country of the world explains

A man has travelled all across the world to document how easy or hard it was to access any specific country in the world. Naturally we will be focusing on his efforts and experience which are related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The man named Albert Podell is the one who has travelled all across the world. Albert states that getting into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was especially tough, in comparison to all the other countries that he had visited in this unique quest. Albert adds that starting from 2000 right up to 2009 he kept trying to gain access to the Kingdom; however he did not have any luck. Furthermore he was also never given any reason as to why he is not being allowed to enter or obtain a tourists visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the time that he had been applying for the tourist visa for the Kingdom, the Saudi Commission for Antiquities and Tourism did not have any prior history of handing out tourist visas to any Non-Muslim. Albert, being a non-Muslim, feared that if he truly wanted to add visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the quest that he has set upon, he would have to convert to Islam, study with a Mullah, memorize the Holy Quran, and attend mosque prayers, while in reality he was an extremely liberal Jewish Atheist. Albert states that the most frustrated that he felt was when he was in Bahrain, which as many residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia know, is only a short drive over the King Fahd Causeway from the Kingdom.

Once Albert failed in obtaining a tourist visa again, a Saudi consular officer, who seems to be unusually candid called him over and explained why he had been failing. The consular officer stated that since the Kingdom has a lot of oil money, they don’t really need the few dollars that tourists will bring into the country. The Saudi consular officer added that every year the Kingdom is host to around 2 million Muslims who travel to the Kingdom to perform pilgrimage or Hajj. These Muslims travel to the Kingdom and back and they do not get into any trouble or cause any trouble for the Kingdom.

Albert, sometime later found a tour agency located in Michigan which had the right connections necessary to get him into the Kingdom. He entered the Kingdom as part of a team studying archaeology under a highly trained professor. Albert had to pay around $9000 in airfare and other expenses to complete his trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his quest.

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