Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I do...! not accept working wife – wedding Cancelled in the presence of guests

Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, or as some call it the second half. The days leading up to the wedding can be extremely fun filled yet extremely nerve wracking and confusing. Weddings can often be bliss and happiness for years to come, however in some cases it can become a recipe for disaster. A report is emerging from the Kingdom where one such wedding ceremony took an unfortunate route when the bride started insisting that she wanted to work after the marriage, and was keen on getting allowance from the husband prior to their marriage. The groom along with his family however refused to accept the demands.

The Saudi bride and the groom were almost about to sign the contract of marriage in a court room, when suddenly the bride stated that she would like to continue working after the marriage. This eventually led to a huge heated argument between the parents of the bride and the groom. The story was reported by a reliable source to Arab News. Slowly things started getting out of hand, so much so, that the officials at the court had to request both the parties to resolve the issue at hand in a calm manner. However the family of the groom shocked everyone present there, as they simply walked away without having any further discussion or debate on the topic.

A reliable source stated that this left the mother of the bride in such a state of shock that she fainted immediately, and the blissful wedding immediately transformed into a day of tears and sorrow. The bride is currently already employed in an organization. The couple had been engaged for more than a year prior to their marriage, however ironically the family of the groom never thought to clarify this issue prior to the day of the marriage.

In accordance with the traditions of the Middle Eastern region, even though the couple had been engaged since over a year, they had not met or communicated in any way with each other. Court officials stated that such incidents have become common occurrence these days. They added that in order to avoid such unwanted circumstances the parents of the couple should gather all information and clear out all doubts prior to fixing the date of marriage.

A social worker in the Kingdom, Abeer M. stated that most of the men of Saudi Arabia do not prefer the self confident or independent type of women. They much rather prefer housewives. Even though the culture is changing these days, the tradition is more or less the same. She added that more and more women are getting a good education and also getting employment. However these women are often considered overage for marriage. With the ever rising prices and the changes in lifestyle it is better if both the husband and wife work together.

Source: Arab News

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