Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It is our right to divorce husbands – Saudi Women

The courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have granted a divorce to more than 140 women over the last 11 months, while a human rights consultant has also added that women do have the right to obtain a divorce from their husbands if they simply find them to be an unfit or inadequate to their needs. During his talks with the Al Waten Daily, Omar Al Khouly, the legal consultant of the Human Rights Commission thoroughly explained as to why the courts in certain parts of the Kingdom have ruled in the favor of these women who are requesting a divorce.

If the husband divorces the wife, she can very well keep her dowry. However if the wife decides to divorce her husband, she must return the entire dowry. In any case, the spouse that files for the divorce has to also report the reason or reasons as to why they have opted for a divorce Khouly added that some women do not feel comfortable with revealing the real reason as to why they would like to get a divorce from their husband, generally due to embarrassment or to protect the reputation of their husbands. Women can find out that their Husbands have been unfaithful to them and are cheating on them; however they would feel ashamed in revealing this information to the judges. It may also be the case that the husband is not able to provide financial means for his family.

Khouly added that there have been women who have wanted a divorce from their husband after they had discovered their husband’s involvement in criminal or other illegal activities or if they have had a prior criminal conviction. Women also have the right to divorce their husbands if he cannot completely fulfill her sexual needs. For instance if the wife discovers after the marriage that her husband holds a Sexually Transmitted infection or Disease, having any form of intimate contact with him would put her like at great risk and hence is justified in seeking a divorce.

Khouly urged women to learn and understand all their rights in relation to marriage do that if and when the time comes they can make calculated educated decisions on the matter. The courts in Saudi Arabia will under no circumstances stand against the wish of a woman if it is to divorce her husband, even if she just does not feel he is adequate for her. In accordance with the rights provided to women in Islam, she has the right to divorce him. Men should be forthcoming and let their future wives know any shortcomings or diseases that they might have.

If some woman discovers that her husband is suffering from any sort of disease, especially those which are sexually transmitted and which were not in their knowledge could put her health in great risk and danger, then she has the right to divorce her husband and also keep the dowry which she received at the time of marriage.

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