Sunday, October 25, 2015

Literacy Rate in KSA is 93% - Does reading and writing make you Literate?

A decade ago illiteracy was the most significant issue of kingdom which led to false perceptions and conservatives in society. With the passage of time KSA ministry of education took serious steps for combating illiteracy and poverty issues. After a long struggle a compact strategy has been regulated by KSA education ministry which has improved educational circumstances in country. After struggle of 9 years the illiteracy rate of KSA has gone down to 6.81% which is the biggest achievement of last decade. When it was resolved by national government to reduce illiteracy rate to such an extent, initially public ridicule was received with comments that it is unable to achieve such high rate of literacy in such a short duration, the accomplishment of set target shows that dedication and good planning is key to achieve any objective.

The criteria of stating a person literate refers to make him/her enable of reading and writing. Owing to standard of modern world, it is not enough just to know how to read or write, in order to beat international standards of economy and financial stability, it is essential to train people how to create awareness. The basic purpose of literacy is to spread optimism and positive approach of livelihood. In order to build a nation, educational levels must be upgraded continuously. Civilizations evolve with improving standards of education and awareness; this is what actually requires persons to lift educational levels above the basic literacy levels.

The definition of literacy varies in different regions of world, as in Japan illiteracy refers to inability to use modern means of technology. They have made it a compulsion to teach people regarding use of modern technology whether they are associated with official work or not. In some other countries, illiteracy refers to having grip over just native language of one’s own country and they don’t know how to speak a foreign language. If KSA will take these criteria to define illiteracy there will be surely decades needed to eradicate technical and lingual illiteracy. 

The most dangerous type of illiteracy refers to difference in thoughts and mind sets which force an extremist person to become judgmental about doings and actions of his own family members and others surviving in his surroundings. This illiteracy refers to lack of empathy in one person towards others which leads to careless attitude and inability of one person to support others in his community. The terrorism threat all over the world is solely a product of this third type of illiteracy, where an illiterate person tries to impose his mind set over other persons. In case others resist, it leads to criminal activities by extremist groups.

KSA needs a long revival to overcome all these kinds of illiteracy and educational lacking. The improvement in basic illiteracy levels in Kingdom gives a determination that if properly planned other types of illiteracy can also be eliminated soon. Only an aware and educated nation can excel in fast track of modern age.

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