Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Husband saved my life from Makkah Stampede but couldn’t survive himself

The entire Muslim world was left in shock as the tragedy of Mina occurred during the Annual pilgrimage of Hajj. Muslims from all over the world had made their way to the Kingdom to perform the Annual pilgrimage. Some of these pilgrims had saved up all their life saving to perform the pilgrimage once in their lives.  Several Muslims lost their lives in the stampede in Mina. These Muslims hailed from various countries. One story has emerged amongst the chaos of an Algerian Muslim wife whose loyalty to her husband saved her from imminent death in the stampede which occurred in Mina on Thursday.

The Muslim woman, who is named Aisha Iyadah, is 62 years old and was accompanying her 73 year old husband, Mohammed Rajie in the Annual pilgrimage this year. The 73 year old man complained about having stomach pain while they were making their way towards the Jamarat complex in order to perform the stoning ritual on that fateful day. Being a forever devoted wife, she insisted that she would go back to their tent from the middle of the journey and bring back the necessary medicines required by her husband. While Rajie was fighting his death in the stampede, his wife was quickly making her way back to him with the medicines so that her husband could relieve his stomach pains.

The painful story was narrated by Iyadah to the Al Hayat newspaper while trying hard to hold back her tears, she added that the”Haji has gone” Iyadah stated that her husband had been experiencing severe pain in the stomach while they were in Muzadalifah. When the two arrived in Mina it was around 7.30 a.m. and they planned to go further and perform the stoning ritual of Hajj. While on their way there the husband’s stomach pain increased and he was unable to continue any further.

Iyadah asked her husband to wait where he was and she would head back to the tent to bring him his painkillers. At first the husband was reluctant at letting her go back and insisted that they complete their journey towards the Jamarat, Iyadah added that she was adamant and headed back to her tent. Iyadah stated that she went to her tent and brought back the medicine without any problem but was delayed for around 3 hours due to the severe congestion.

Once she managed to pass the congestion, she was shocked to see several ambulances and a police security cordon in the same place where her husband was supposed to be waiting for her. Iyadah and Mohammed have 10 children who also called to congratulate their parents on their first ever Hajj, however Iyadah kept telling them that he was sleeping. Around 12 hours after the incident occurred, the eldest son called and inquired about the parents, which is when Iyadah couldn’t hide the truth any more. Iyadah stated that she has accepted what has happened, but wishes to see her husband’s time once before he is buried.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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