Friday, October 2, 2015

Pakistani Pilgrim who delivered baby boy in Mina during Hajj

The month of Zul-Hajj holds significance and great importance in the Islamic community and to all those within its fold. Within the first ten days, Muslims from all around the globe travel thousands of miles to the City of Makkah and Medina to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam, as a duty of being amongst those who do what they must in order to follow the commandments of Allah and the last Prophet (S.A.W). Despite the hardships and casualties that prevailed in Mina and Makkah that engulfed so many lives during the Hajj 1436, there was one particular good news that remained un-highlighted within all of it.

A pregnant Pakistani pilgrim arrived in the holy site of Mina with her husband. As she set foot, it wasn’t long that she experienced extreme labor pain and was immediately taken to the Mina Al-Wadi Hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. The baby was born of Tuesday, the first day of the annual pilgrimage of Hajj 1436. Doctors and the husband have both responded and said that both the child and the mother are well. Dr. Muhammad Malaibari who is the Director of Mina Al-Wadi Hospital said that the delivery was absolutely normal and both the child and the wife are in good health. Since the wife is diabetic, she has been kept under observation but apart from that everything was carried out according to plan.

The baby boy was named Muhammad Ali and the father outburst with happiness, thanked the entire staff at the hospital for their effort and support in taking such good care of his wife and child. It was reported that this was the first birth that year which took place in the holy ground. With so many lives lost in Mina during the year 2015, in particular, the birth of Muhammad Ali did seem to bring smiles on the faces of those who shed an ear to the news.  

What is commendable is the hospitality of the staff and doctors at Mina A-Wadi Hospital. They not only did their job well and just as they were supposed to but also offered extra medical care and checkups for the wife as she was diabetic. Such hospitals and workers on such holy sites fulfilling their responsibilities puts the thousands of pilgrims at rest that they will be looked after if their services are needed. Mina Al-Wadi Hospital will now always be commended by this Pakistani family as long their child lives.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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