Monday, October 12, 2015

Palestine’s Only Female Taxi Drivers has Big plans in her heart

In our beloved Palestine, the land of the brave and the resilient, it is not common to find women working in jobs which are normally attributed to men. There are however some women who are breaking any and all stereotypes which are associated with Palestinian women. Nadia Ahmad, the woman in question has been working as a taxi driver in the occupied west bank, has stated that she prefers to drive a stick shift or a manual car. She is cheerful as she motions the sequence for changing the gear while the other hand is resting as it does on top of a steering wheel.

Nadia Ahmad has been busy with cars every since she had been a young girl, however even she did not think that she would be ending up as a taxi driver, earning her living through this and also fulfilling her love for being seated behind the wheel. Over the last 2 years, Nadia Ahmad has been busy in driving a taxi on the streets of Hebron which is located in the occupied area of southern West Bank. Although Nadia never had the intention of making any political statement by driving a taxi, there is no avoiding it now. Nadia Ahmad is being hailed as the only female taxi driver in the entire Palestinian region.

Only previously this year Nadia Ahmad had also submitted an application from her which was intended for a business license, while also pitching her business idea to the Ministry of Transportation in Palestine so that the viability and feasibility of her plans for her business can be gauged.  Ministry of Transportation representative spoke to Al Jazeera has stated that as long as Nadia Ahmad is able to meet all of the requirements which are needed in setting up a new taxi company, which included an office space, insurance, licensed drivers as well as cars and also the start up cash required for the business, she will be allowed to start her own business.

The Transportation Ministry representative who did not want to be named stated that the Ministry does not discriminate on the basis of gender. The representative added that whatever the gender may be of the applicant, the standard steps of the procedure have to be followed, and other than that nothing else is required. Once again a Muslim woman has helped break stereo types down which were previously associated with them. While this may be strange or new to the western world, a woman being in charge of successful businesses has been a part of history of Islam since a long time.

The biggest and best example of this would be Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) the first wife of the Holy Prophet. She was one of the few businesswomen in Arabia at that time and was considered to be one of the biggest and richest businesswomen from amongst both businessmen and women from that era. We wish good luck to the brave woman Nadia and pray, as we do every day, for the people of occupied Palestine.

Source: Al Jazeera

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