Tuesday, October 13, 2015

People of Makkah are sick and tired of Pigeon Mess

No matter what part of the world that you reside in, there is one thing which is common everywhere, the pigeons. These tiny little creatures are found literally everywhere. Sometimes these little pigeons can be no nuisance for the nearby structures and people; however there are also sometimes that they can become a huge problem for the people and the structures in nearby areas. According to reports emerging from Makkah, stories are coming in of a huge group of pigeons who are involved in creating havoc and also damaging the houses.

Osama Zaytooni, the spokesman for the Makkah Municipality, has stated that a huge number of the residents have been lodging complaints that pigeons have been ruining their trees, crops and other plants, while also leaving their droppings all over the place on the roof tops, front porches and backyards Spokesman Zaytooni has added that these pigeons move around in huge groups almost everywhere that they move to. Even though people might be enjoying simply seeing these beautiful birds and even feeding them casually as they pass by, the mess that these pigeons eventually leave behind is what most people have become fed up of. He also stated that the Makkah Municipality is also working hard and fast to deal with this problem as quickly as possible, as the mess being created by these pigeons on the parks and streets of Makkah.

Zaytooni also added that every day many workers are sent out in order to clean the streets of Makkah as a large number of pigeons have been leaving their droppings and dirtying the streets while also ruining the parks and the grass. He also stated that this cleaning service which is needed to clean up the droppings of the pigeons has been costing the Municipality as well as the Kingdom a lot of money, which could otherwise be allocated elsewhere. Spokesman for the Municipality of Makkah also stated that some of the local residents have resorted to take matters into their own hands while trying to fix this problem. Local residents have started to kill the pigeons using their own different methods; however the Municipality of Makkah is under no condition condoning these acts of animal cruelty taking place on the streets of Makkah.

Zaytooni stated that people have resorted to setting up electric wire around their windowsills and other places in order to prevent these pigeons from nesting in any area nearby. He also stated that some people normally just scare these pigeons away by shooing them and some have even hired specialist exterminators to get rid of them.

He added that the Makkah Municipality has even contracted a specialized company which provides a service in which they capture the pigeons instead of killing them. Even though they cause mayhem, they are still animals and have rights. The Municipality has also made plans to capture a huge number of pigeons which will subsequently reduce the dirt they cause on the streets and parks.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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