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Procedure to Apply for Schengen Visa from Saudi Arabia

Who does not want to visit Europe after getting Schengen Visa? If you are in Saudi Arabia, it is very easy to apply for Schengen Visa. The acceptance of Schengen Visa from different embassies depends upon many factors. If you take care of these factors, there is nothing to worry about. Many people apply for Schengen Visa without taking care of the factors and procedure I have explained below which is the reason of rejection. There are guidelines available on internet to apply for Schengen visa but none of this is specifically focus visa processing from Saudi Arabia. The visa issuance for Saudis is easy and it is difficult for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia especially if they are from South Asian countries. Without wasting your time, let’s go to the Procedure to Apply for Schengen Visa from Saudi Arabia.

Procedure to Apply for Schengen Visa from Saudi Arabia
  1. It is very important to mention here that despite the fact that Schengen visa is an entry permit to many European countries of the world, you need to enter to the country from where you have applied for Schengen visa first. So decide first where you want to enter first and after that book an appointment for Schengen visa. Since I wanted to go to France, I booked an appointment for France. If you are applying for Schengen Visa from Jeddah, you can take an appointment from this link. In order to get appointment for Riyadh, you can take appointment from this link. You will also have to pay fee of SR 124 per passport using your Master or Visa card to confirm the appointment. In case you cannot pay online, you can also visit the office physically and pay this fee there. Keep in mind that your appointment will not be confirmed until you pay the fee.
  2. Now you need to fill an application form for the Schengen visa of Saudi Arabia. The application can be downloaded from this link. It is better to fill it properly in soft form. It is available in editable format. Make sure you also download checklist of the visa as well.
  3. You need to bring two passport sized photographs with you. Make sure that your head, face and ears are visible.
  4. Your passport must be valid for 3 months from the intended date of travel. I would suggest you to apply with enough validity of passport so that it does not become the reason of rejection.
  5. If you are going for a business tour, you need to get a letter of invitation from the company you are going to visit. This letter of invitation should explicitly state the name of the person who will bear the cost of travelling and accommodation in Schengen country.
  6. You also need to get a letter from your sponsor in Saudi Arabia addressed to French Consulate or French Embassy as the case may be, stating your full salary and designation in the company. This letter needs to be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia. If you are an expatriate earning more than SR 10,000 per month, there are more chances of your Schengen visa to be accepted by the embassy. Recommended: Sample Introduction Letter for Visa Processing in Saudi Arabia
  7. It is better to attach the bank statement of previous 3 months irrespective of the case you are going there for recreational purpose or business tour. If balance of your bank statement is €10,000 maintained throughout the period of 3 months, you are more likely to be accepted for Schengen visa.
  8. You also need to attach travel health insurance certificate issued by your health insurance company. If you have online access to your account with your insurance company account, you can print it yourself. You can also ask the guy dealing with insurance in your company to provide this certificate to you. It is provided free of cost.
  9. Following documents also need to be attached with the application while applying for Schengen visa from Saudi Arabia;
    • Copy of Iqama
    • Exit Re-Entry visa covering the period of travel mentioned in the application form
    • Copy of Previous UK, USA, Canadian, Schengen Visa stamped on your passport
    • Confirmed booking of Airline ticket – Many people attach only booking without confirmation (Payment) which is cancelled after couple of days. At the time, when officials check your booking, they don’t find it which can become the cause of rejection of your visa.
    • Confirmed Hotel Bookings
  10. On the day of appointment, try to be there on time and your application will be submitted. It normally takes 14 days to process visa. You will be handed over with a slip which you need to show at the time of receipt of passport.
  11. Cost of applying for the Schengen visa from Saudi Arabia is SR 381.
  12. The 26 Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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