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Procedure to Slaughter Goat on Eid-ul-Adha in Saudi Arabia

Slaughtering Goat on Eid is one of the obligations on Muslims who can afford it. I am not an expert in these matters so I cannot tell who should slaughter a goat on Eid. Muslims all over the world slaughter goats, cows and camels on Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Adha is celebrated on 10th of Dhul Hijjah every year. Muslims have to slaughter a goat, cow or camels on one of the 3 days of Eid i.e. 10th, 11th and 12th of Dhul Hijjah. If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to slaughter a goat, I am going to tell you how to proceed. There are 4 recommended ways of slaughtering goats in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Contacting a Meat Shop: The easiest way of slaughtering a goat in Saudi Arabia on Eid is to contact your nearest meat shop and give them money to do it. They will go to slaughter house and slaughter it on your behalf and bring slaughtered goat for you. You can go to their shop on decided time and get your meat. They normally charge from SR 800/- to SR 900/-. You can expect 12Kg to 14Kg meat from the slaughtered goat.
  2. Carrefour: Go to any Carrefour branch and book your goat on quoted price, give some advance take the advance bill and come on the desired day to collect meat with invoice.
  3. Bringing Goats and Butchers Home: If you are living in a villa or closed place, you can bring a goat to your place and ask butchers to come to your place. They charge around SR 200/- to slaughter one goat. They will be slaughtering the goat in front of you. It is important to mention here that slaughtering a goat anywhere in Saudi Arabia is illegal except designated slaughter houses. Some meat shops also slaughter the goats in the streets which is quite illegal. If you are caught doing this, all the goats and meat will be forfeited.
  4. Going to Slaughter House for Slaughtering: The most tiring way of slaughtering the goats in Saudi Arabia is to go to a slaughter house for slaughtering. I will be explaining in detail the procedure to slaughter a goat in Slaughter House.
    • First of all, you need to locate which slaughter house suits you well. I would recommend you to go to a slaughter house which is spacious. If there are two slaughter houses in your city, go to the bigger one. For example, residents of Jeddah should go to Khumrah rather on Palestine road.
    • You need to buy a goat either from outside the slaughterhouse or inside the slaughterhouse. Normally the rates offered inside the slaughterhouse are more than the outside. You don’t have to pay transportation cost if you buy a goat from inside the slaughterhouse. There is no other benefit of buying from inside the slaughterhouse.
    • Now you need to buy token for the slaughtering of goat. Token costs SR 50 per goat. They will give you two badges. One badge needs to be tied with the leg of goat and you need to keep the other one in some safe pocket. You need to give this badge at the time of receiving meat from the slaughterhouse.
    • You will find many queues for slaughtering there. You need to ask which queue to join while buying the token for slaughtering. I went to slaughter the goat on second day and there were around 200 goats in the queue.
    • Make sure no one overtakes you in the line. Just like Saudi drivers, Saudi goats are very good in overtaking. You need to push your goats every now and then to ensure that no one takes your right.
    • On your turn, your goat will be slaughtered. Now you will have to go to the waiting area to collect meat. Make sure you have a carton to keep meat. If you don’t have it, you can buy one for SR 5/-. You will receive meat on your turn. If you want to get it before your turn, you need to grease some money to get it. Your goat is in 4 pieces now.
    • You will have to go to a butcher’s shop who will charge SR 50 to SR 100 and cut it into pieces. As you can see, it is difficult to slaughter a goat from slaughterhouse. But by buying your goat yourself, you can ensure that the goat is free from any disease and it is perfectly health for slaughtering.
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