Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saudi Assaulted for reporting filthy and shameful acts of Neighbors

In accordance with reports emerging from the Makkah Daily, a 38 year old Saudi man has allegedly been assaulted by his neighbors are he reported on them to the relevant authorities. The Saudi man who lay victim to the vicious beating by his neighbors has stated that he had been beaten up by two of his neighbors and they had even administered electric shocks to him right in front of his own house. The Saudi man stated that he is a Chief Executive Officer of a company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and resides in a compound in Dhahran. He added that he has sustained injuries all over his body due to the vicious attack inflicted upon him by his neighbors, and needs approximately 120 days in order to completely recover from the brutal beat down. He stated that his neighbors decided to attack him after he has reported them to security in charge of the compound due to having concerns about a few suspicious guests inside of their villa.

The Saudi man also stated that the neighbors have also been responsible of causing a lot of commotion and noise in the compound on several previous occasions. He also stated that most of the other residents of the compound have also been disturbed due to the activities and commotion which has been caused by his neighbors. When the Saudi man reported his suspicions to the security officers of the compound, they too observed the villa and subsequently confirmed his suspicions. A short while later the neighbors came over to his house, in order to take revenge for reporting them to the security officers. One of the security officers working at the compound has also stated that a large number of the residents of the compound have complained to them about the villa that is in question here and the security officials themselves had been concerned about the strange and suspicious activities which take place in the villa by the residents.

The security officer has stated that they had been monitoring the activities at the Villa and they have also found out that 4 men had been residing inside the Villa, whereas there were numerous visitors to the Villa, most of which were women. These visitors were in greater numbers during the weekend. In the past week alone, around 144 different men and 31 different women have showed up to the Villa at different times.

The security officer added that the men who visited them would mostly be expatriates who seemed to be chauffeurs or drivers. The women on the other hand would all come in taxis and would also get off of their taxis at the gate of the compound and would wait for one of the men from the villa to bring their car to the gate and drive them back to the villa.

Colonel Ziyad Al Raqiti, the spokesman for the Eastern Province has stated that the police officials have arrested two of the men who are suspected to be involved in the assault which took place on the Saudi man who had complained about their suspicious activities to the authorities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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