Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saudi Family bears medical expenses for the treatment of Housemaid’s Cancer

Illness and death are the two things that rarely take into consideration a person’s financial status, creed, caste. Unfortunately the treatment for illness and delaying death is all dependent upon the wealth or status of a person. Life altering diseases such as cancer have become somewhat of a common occurrence these days. Amongst women all around the world, the issue of breast cancer is something which needs as much attention as there possibly can get. Treatment of cancer is something which is extremely costly and those who are of limited means and resources often end up taking loans to cure them of their illness only to be left too weak and worn out by the numerous chemotherapy and radiation sessions.

In the midst of all this when we hear of someone with ample means or of a rich individual bearing the expense for the treatment of a life taking disease of another person who might not have the means to get cured on their own, it fills our heart with warmth that there are still kind hearted people out there. One such story is about a Saudi Family who were living in Unaizah. The Saudi family decided to bear all the expenses for the treatment of cancer which had affected their house maid. This story went viral on social media platforms. The warm and kind heated Saudi family who had employed the house maid decided to take up all the expenses of treatment when they found out that their maid had cancer.

Ahmed Salman, one of the family members stated in an interview to the Al Arabiya news that the house maid had been employed in serving their family for around 4 years. When the house maid complained about having abdominal pains, she was taken to the hospital. After tests were conducted on the house maid, it was discovered that the house maid had a tumor which was cancerous, in her uterus.

After he discussed the issue of the employee with the rest of his family, Ahmed Salman decided that it would not be wise to send her back to her native country and instead the family decided to have her cancer treated right here in the Kingdom. The cancer treatment plan also included a surgery which would remove the tumor and then other procedures would follow. The surgery and the other treatments which would be required after the surgery were all completed by the doctors inside the Kingdom, and the procedures were a complete success.

Once all the surgeries had been completed Ahmed Salman’s wife also accompanied their house maid to the regular trips to the hospital during the period of 4 months after the surgery in which some follow up treatment was performed on the house maid. Ahmed Salman stated that the employee who had once been ailing is now of better health. He also stated that he is optimistic that once their house maid has recovered completely she would return to work in their house.

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