Friday, October 9, 2015

Saudi man missing since 1975 found in Pakistan

Missing person cases are very common these days especially after America-Afghanistan war since 2001. But recently a special case of same nature has been identified where a Saudi man who lost 39 years ago spotted in Pakistan. Due to low living standards and poor earning, a Saudi man left his home to get some work and feed his family. He told his mother and family that he is going out of station to find a reasonable job and assured them that he will come back soon. Later in the search of job, he headed towards Arar which is a Saudi city near border of Iraq. During his stay there, he met a deadly accident which left him alive but took away his memory.

He kept on wandering here and there and after a long quest when he did not find a proper residence in Arar he left for Iraq by crossing border. After a short stay there, he headed towards Iran and ended up moving in Pakistan which is adjacent to the Iran border. Due to his different appearance and lack of legal documents of citizenship he was caught by authorities in Pakistan. Owing to the lost memory, he could not justify his origin and reason of his stay in Pakistan. He remained in jail for more than one year and later Police found him guilty for nothing which led to his release from jail.  Later an old philanthropic woman took him to a refugee home and till his old age he stayed there.

Due to total memory loss, he could not recall from where he belonged and how he came to Pakistan, anyhow the old woman suspected him to be Saudi due to his accent. She tried to approach Saudi Consulate for his return to his family but failed to do so due to incomplete knowledge about his address and area of origin. He was striking young (31) when he met the deadly accident which took away his memory and drifted him apart from his family.

He remained in refuge for 39 years but could not recover his memory. A Saudi Official also tried to get him back to his native area but could not help him again due to the same reason. He often tried to recall his past and at last suddenly he discovered that he is from Buraydah.  Saudi Consulate contacted him and assured that he will be taken back to his homeland soon.

He has shown happiness and content for ultimate recovery of his memory which led to his recognition by Saudi authorities. The story of this misplaced person since 1975 seems like the story of a novel or drama, but it actually happened. He was lucky enough to get back to his origin finally at the age of 70. There are so many missing persons in world who can’t even see their families again despite of their healthy memories and will powers due to terrorism activities. 

Source: Dawn News

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