Thursday, October 1, 2015

Saudi Police Officer stood vigil for 4 Hours as an Expatriate Driver slept in a Car

Whenever we hear the word officer of the law, patrol officer or police officer, we often assume them to be there to catch people rather than serving those who are doing nothing wrong. Essentially these officers are meant to be public servants who work to serve the people. This is exactly what one patrol officer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did. This patrol officer from the Kingdom has been greatly applauded and commended by the users of several social media platforms in extremely high numbers after the reports came out that the patrol officer had been standing guard for a motorist and his wife who had been sleeping their car which had been parked under a flyover. The officer stood guard until the man and his wife woke up.

An Egyptian man working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Yehia, and his wife had been on their way home after performing Umrah, however they decided to take a short nap before continuing. Mohammad Yehia stated that the time was somewhere after midnight and to avoid breaking any of the traffic rules and regulations due to being tired, they decided it was best if they parked their car under one flyover and catch up with a couple of hours of sleep before continuing again.  Yehia added that when he finally woke up around 5 hours later, he saw a traffic patrol officer standing just a short distance from his car. Initially he had no words and had no idea what to say to the officer. Once the officer spotted that he was awake he came over and inquired whether the man was alright and whether he had been hurt or was sick.

The traffic patrol officer proceeded to tell the driver that he had been standing there and keeping watch over them over the last 4 hours. The patrol officer also told the driver that he should have absolutely under no circumstances taken the risk of sleeping, along with his wife, in the car. He also advised the driver to check in to a hotel and stay there, before he drove off. The entire account was posted to Mohammed Yehias social media account, which described in detail, the events which occurred that night He added that the moment had been one when he had had the most superb feeling ever, in his entire life.

The social media users from all around the world had been paying their tribute and respects towards the traffic patrol officer. The social media users stated that the officer had truly symbolized the essence of the devotion and the dedication that is required in order to be employed in the service of common people. A huge number of these social media users have also stated that the officer should be honored for the spontaneous attitude and for also showing special and great care for the people he is supposed to serve.

A blogger, Abu Khalid stated that the officer is a hero who deserves promotion and other honoring for the commitment he has shown to his duty.

Source: Gulf News

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