Thursday, October 22, 2015

Saudi Police rescued one dozen Smuggled Indonesian Girls from Trafficking

Human trafficking is something which is affecting the entire world. These operations are usually run under the guise of some scheme of employment or recruitment, while some “service providers” will just help you get smuggled in. In the secondary version, people sometimes use the services provided by human traffickers and get sent to another country without any proper documentation or visa, while in some countries, predominantly in Europe and Far East Asia, gangs and mafias are involved in this vicious circle which kidnap people (usually young attractive girls, or able bodied men) and then send them off to other countries sometimes locked inside a cargo container.

Reports have been emerging of human trafficking inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia too.  In a recent report which emerged from the Kingdom, more than one dozen women of Indonesian origin along with a baby who was estimated to be around 2 months old had been found in the Kingdom. These women were found in an isolated location which was far away from any civilization or settlement so to speak and were found stranded there, with nowhere to go. These women were then rescued by the Saudi police. A Saudi national who had been in the area along with his family, initially noticed this group of women right in the middle of nowhere. The Saudi man stated that the women were around 5 kilometers from the nearest highway. The Saudi man, Abdul Rahman Al Harabi stated that he was extremely confused and surprised to see the women.

Abdul Rahman Al Harabi added that when he first approached the women along with his family, he could clearly see that the women seemed very scared and worried, especially due to the fact that the day was coming to an end and it was about to get dark soon. Abdul Rahman then discovered that one of these women also had an infant child in her arms. Abdul Rahman stated this while talking to Al Jazirah. Abdul Rahman then proceeded to call upon the police to help these women, who then duly came and proceeded to rescue the women.

These women who were later found to be domestic workers or house maids were not in possession of any legal documents or identification, and upon questioning they immediately told the police that the group had been cheated by a smuggler. The women confessed that the smuggler had promised to take them to Makkah from Riyadh. However somewhere in the middle, in that isolated area, he dropped them off and went on his way, leaving them there.

Those individuals who are involved in the crime of human trafficking are known to take advantage of the season of Hajj, which they use to smuggle in domestic workers or maids from other countries, by offering them fake yet lucrative offers. Europe and Thailand are also two other locations where human smuggling or trafficking is a lucrative business due to the high demand of sex workers and the thriving prostitution industry.

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