Thursday, October 29, 2015

Saudi Scientist Hosam Zawawi wins Rolex Award for his research work

Hosam Zawawi, a thirty year old man from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just become the first ever Middle Eastern scientist to win the highly prestigious Young Laureates award at the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. He had been selected amongst 4 other equally talented and aspiring young minds from countries around the world. This was done at the Royal Society in London which is also the oldest scientific academy still in existence today. All of the five young minds have been heavily involved in finding solutions for common problems faced in their own country, and other countries around the world. The projects being led by these young people are ranging from screening toddlers for hearing loss to even exploring caves in the South American table top mountains.

They are also involved in another project which is one of the biggest problems faced by humanity i.e. misuse of antibiotics These five talented individuals were chosen by a just of eight international eminent experts who had reviewed a list with 1800 candidates coming from 129 countries. Each of the young minds will receive a monetary sum of 50000 Swiss Francs along with a beautiful Rolex Chronometer while also getting publicity around the world. The Rolex Enterprise Award was created initially in 1976 in order to create a spirit of advancement and enterprise in the well being and knowledge of human beings. This unique yet prestigious award is presented once every two year and they back young minds working in the five following areas / fields;

  • Cultural heritage
  • Science and health
  • Exploration and discovery
  • The environment
  • Applied technology
The project by Saudi national Zawawi has been aimed towards developing instant test to enable the detection of any antibiotic resistant bacteria which might be present. This is considered one of the greatest threats to humanity.  Saddik and Mohammed Attar Company is the official retailer for Rolex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a history with Rolex dating back 56 years the company has opened up 13 stores which are dedicated to selling Rolex products only.

Saddik Omar Attar stated that they were proud of Zawawi winning the award, even more so because he was the first Saudi to win the award. He added that he hopes that this Award program by Rolex will inspire other bright minds like Zawawi to invest in research or inventions Zawawi has been dedicated to engaging the public and believes that better communication and information about the health issues in the GCC region can transform the Health care industry. Currently Zawawi is using a broad based approach for the awareness campaign about antibiotic resistance. He has also offered up free iPads through competitions which test the knowledge of common people on the topic of antibiotic resistance. Al Zawawi, other than science, is an avid fan of Polo and is a polo player himself. The name that he decided for his team which he will use in an upcoming match is : The Super Bugs Slayers.

Source: Arab News

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