Thursday, October 22, 2015

Saudi Woman donates SR 21 million ($5.6m) to group of Orphans

For parents, their children are the biggest gift they get in their entire life, and for children, their parents are the most treasured things in their lives. For children, losing any one parent can be extremely hard on children, however for those unfortunate children who lose both their parents, their world as they knew it ceases to exist. Orphans usually then end up under the care of another elder of their family or in an orphanage. Even though a lot of development has been done on orphanages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Government and Private Institutions there is still a lot which can and should be done to facilitate these orphans.

In accordance with this a businesswoman of Saudi origin, Aisha Al Rashid has donated a total sum of SAR 21 million to construct a new orphan welfare center which will also bring in cultural, athletic and social development all under the same roof. In accordance to the statement made by the President of the Association the Shamal project, as it is known, will be consisting of 2 buildings. The building which will serve as the residence will cover an approximate area of 4500 meters squared. This housing unit will consist of 3 floors and each of the floors will be having 4 apartments which will be complete with several rooms, kitchens and toilets. The news was reported by the Sabq News. Those individuals or institutions that are donating or contributing to this project will have their resources spent on the furnishings, furniture and all other necessary appliances and additional requirements.

The other building which will be part of this project, will serve as a cultural center. This cultural center will be housing a massive digital library which will be equipped with the best computers with the latest technologies, a general lounge for both visitors and residents, nine meeting rooms, and an entertainment area. This cultural center has been built to increase the focus on education apart from the regular syllabus taught at schools and institutions. The cultural center will teach the residents in fields such as arts and crafts amongst other things. An outdoor area has also been allotted which will be dedicated to a common garden and a center for sporting activities of sorts

This is a good step which has been taken by people such as the Saudi businesswomen. I believe we all can play a part in this and many other projects which are being built or planned in your region. If you live in a nearby region it is a good idea to try and get involved in the Shamal project.

Aisha Al Rashid has set a good example and has served as a role model for all Muslim Brothers and Sisters in how they can help out the youth, especially those, who have no one to depend on. By giving away the huge amount of money, I am sure she has inspired more like minded Saudi individuals to come out and help these children.

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